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Strategic Crisis Leadership: Being an effective leader in the midst of chaos?

Jun 24, 2013 Industry News

Bruce T. Blythe, CEO, Crisis Management International, Inc. What would you do in the following situation? You learn that one of your facilities has been emitting low-level toxic substances for an undetermined amount of time. It is the company’s fault due to a prior decision to delay replacement of a faulty system in one of […]

Software Updating

Mar 29, 2013 Tech Trends

No matter your operating system, the chances are that once a month or more your computer, tablet of even your smartphone will need updating. If your PC or device is regularly connected to the internet, it will persistently prompt you to update your software. Many people just blindly say yes to such updates, thinking that […]

Easy Solutions To Password Management And Protection Issues

Mar 29, 2013 Tech Trends

The Security 2013 Exhibition & Conference may be more than seven months away, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a proactive approach to ensure that sensitive information at work and home are safe by starting with one of the most basic security features—password management and protection. The 2013 security exhibition will feature vendors […]

Countering violent extremism

Mar 19, 2013 Industry News

Countering violent extremism By Countering Violent Extremism Sub-Committee – Attorney-General’s Department The Australian Government is working with communities to build resilience to violent extremism—that is, the use or support of violence to achieve ideological, religious or political goals. The risk that vulnerable individuals in Australia become radicalised to the point of using violence was identified […]