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Smart Cards For Access Control

Jul 19, 2019 Industry News

Guest writer David Smith shares on the role of smart cards in access control.

How to secure against drone threats

Jul 18, 2019 Industry News

Drones have been misused for malicious purposes such as assassination attempts, drug smuggling and illegal surveillance, but what can we do to protect against them?

Ten years after: The decade’s challenges

Jul 17, 2019 Industry News

Deep Dive 11: Our final Deep Dive looks into what the future holds for security in businesses.

In the cloud: storage and scalability

Jul 15, 2019 Industry News

Deep Dive 10: Storage and data accessibility

How secure is your security system when it comes to cyber?

Jul 11, 2019 Industry News

Cyber security is a hot topic, consistently ranked as one of the biggest risks affecting New Zealand businesses and flagged as an ever-increasing threat worldwide. Cyber-attacks can cost money, disrupt business continuity, and destroy trust, so protecting against them is understandably top of the agenda for many companies.

In sharp focus: cameras come of age

Jul 10, 2019 Industry News

Deep Dive 9: According to market research firm IHS Markit, the Oceania market for video-surveillance equipment is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 4.8 per cent from 2018-2021.

New tickets released for sold out ASIAL Security Conference 2019

Jul 10, 2019 Industry News

Excessive demand for the latest security news has led to a limited second release of tickets for the sold out ASIAL Security Conference 2019. If you’re already attending the Security Expo, you have another chance at purchasing a conference pass. Don’t miss out again. There are just 25 extra conference passes available. The industry leading event, with […]

PM54 by Permaconn

Jul 9, 2019 Industry News

An industry-first innovation, the PM54 from Permaconn is our next generation 3in1 connectivity solution that combines a managed high speed 4G router and WiFi hot-spot with an alarm communicator. The PM54 provides secure communications for any network device including intruder alarms, CCTV systems, telematics and IoT devices, and can provide fall-back internet access for your […]

The future of crowd control

Jul 9, 2019 Industry News

Professional crowd control ensures that everyone attending an event has a pleasant and safe experience, minimising incidents ranging from anti-social behaviour up to crowd crushes, which can cause mass fatalities.

Body of evidence: biometrics scales up

Jul 8, 2019 Industry News

Deep Dive 8: The financial market especially is seeing greater penetration of biometric technologies as security managers implement them as part of a multilayered security strategy.

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