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Top 7 forward-thinking products at Security 2017

Jul 25, 2017

With so many innovative new products at the Security Exhibition & Conference this year, it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve picked 7 forward-thinking technologies to watch out for.

From state-of-the-art Facial Recognition, Mobile Access Control and Retail Analytics, through to groundbreaking perimeter Intrusion Detection, Access Control and Drones, these exciting new products will change the way you look at security.

Axxon Next – You can run but you can’t hide

The Axxon Next Intelligent Video Management Solution comes with revolutionary facial recognition technology. The ground-breaking open-platform VMS is infinitely scalable, flexible and powerful. It integrates with a multitude of other IP devices and cameras and comes with many powerful features. Read more >

Searchlight for Retail – Take control of your business

Maximise performance and profit, mitigate issues and dramatically reduce stock loss with ease. Searchlight for Retail business analytics by March Networks combines high-quality video with inbuilt people-counting, queue length and dwell time-monitoring, presence detection, and POS integration.

Dahua X820 Drone – The sky’s the limit

Real-time monitoring and protection in harsh environments and remote locations. The X820 Drone features Dahua’s latest video and audio technology, including thermal imaging, 30x optical zoom and PTZ with up to 0.01° degrees precision.

HID Mobile Access Reader – Access in the palm of your hand

No more cards. Give employees the convenience of accessing doors, gates and networks using their smartphone or other mobile devices. This intuitive and easy to use new product from HID Global lets organisations deploy and manage users with confidence and security.

KOOVA – Your own miniature security guard

It may be the world’s smallest portable camera robot, but this little guy packs a sizeable punch. With powerful embedded multi-cores CPUs auto-tracking and facial recognition analytics, KOOVA will protect your home and your family from intruders in real-time. Find out more >

FLIR Cameleon™ Tactical – They’ve got your back

Advanced camera control and military grade perimeter intrusion detection. With radar and GPS technology providing total positional awareness and automated camera tracking, this system can act immediately to monitor perceived threats. Unlimited scalability, advanced scripting to automate tasks and legacy equipment compatibility, make this ideal for large integrated systems. Find out more >

Axis – Q6155-E PTZ Network Camera – Laser sharp vision

New product showcase winner at ISC West. Laser technology instantly measures the distance between the camera and object to provide perfect focus on moving bodies with incredible clarity. Capture scenes perfectly, even in low light conditions. 

This year’s Security Exhibition & Conference is packed with innovations like these and more, showcasing the convergence of Physical Security and Information Technology.

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