22-24 Jul 2020
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Industry News

New Software ‘COM-SUR’ Standardizes Incident Reports and Enhances Surveillance for all Stakeholders Worldwide

Hayagriva Software introduces ‘COM-SUR’, a tool created to Standardize Intelligent Incident Reports and Enhance Surveillance, which will be showcased at the upcoming Security Exhibition and Conference at stand A28. Standardization ensures that: All stakeholders ‘speak the same language‘ Think of various stakeholders sharing one ‘industry standard’ incident report, as opposed to different kinds of reports. […]

Traditional Physical Security and the Convergence with Digital

May 25, 2014 Industry News

It wasn’t that long ago that information security protected networks, and physical security protected people, bricks and mortar.  The Convergence of the two, once a projected trend is now an inevitability, a natural bi-product of a rapidly evolving environment that has seen the functions of protecting people, process and technology become both more complex and […]

How simPRO Became My Passport to Freedom

Paul Christie has realised the full potential of cloud based software. Below he tells how simPRO has enabled both business success and the freedom to travel. When I first started my business, I was tied to my desk with endless piles of paperwork and time sheets. I needed to look for a simpler solution. I […]

How Can Security Help Save Lives?

May 23, 2014 Industry News

John Bigelow (Editor in Chief, Interactive Media Solutions) Depression in the community is a serious issue. Every year, thousands of people struggle with this extremely serious condition, with far too many succumbing to feelings of complete hopelessness resulting in their eventual suicide. Tragically, according to the experts, almost all of these suicides could have been […]

Q&A with Mark Romer (Pelco by Schneider Electric)

Mark Romer, National Security Manager for Pelco by Schneider Electric.   Tell us about Pelco by Schneider Electric.. Pelco by Schneider Electric is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of IP-based video security cameras, recording and management systems, software, and services ideal for any industry. With a long and prestigious history of […]

Q&A with Peter De Ieso (FLIR)

  Peter De Ieso , Distribution Manager – Commercial Security, FLIR Systems Australia Pty Ltd   What will be your key new product releases at Security 2014? The new FC-Series R cameras’ on-board, non-contact temperature measurement capabilities are normally found only in much more expensive camera systems. This creates a true dual-role camera that provides […]

Managing Risk at Security 2014

May 19, 2014 Event News

Over two days, cross-disciplinary experts will share their experiences, knowledge and expertise on managing security challenges in fast evolving and complex environments.

The reality of relevance

May 5, 2014 Industry News

Without doubt, one of greatest challenges one faces in business, whether it be as an individual or a business, is that of remaining relevant. The fact that something made you extremely successful ten years ago, or even two years ago, is no reason to believe that it will continue to make you successful two years […]

Facilities Management a focus at Security 2014

May 2, 2014 Event News

The Facilities Management profession plays a pivotal role in the security of any organisation, and their procurement decisions in this regard not only provide a safe and efficient working environment but also make a demonstrable contribution towards organisation goals. But as their responsibilities become increasingly more diverse, encompassing multi-disciplinary activities, they must balance the growing […]

Securing Value from Your Visit

May 2, 2014 Event News

Keeping up to date with industry trends and cost saving innovations is an important part of the security profession. However, as with any role, it can be easy for ‘the urgent’ to take over what’s important. To assist you with securing the most out of your trip to Security Expo we have collated a list […]

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