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How the Internet of Things is reshaping security

May 9, 2017 Tech Trends

You can’t open a magazine, go to a website or attend an event these days without hearing the buzz term Internet of Things or IoT. Today it seems as if everything can or should be connected. Whilst this is a nice idea, what does it mean in regards to security?

Understanding Pixel Densities and what they mean

May 4, 2017 Event News

An IP surveillance system may be used to observe and protect people, objects and people’s activity inside and outside premises as well as traffic and vehicles, money handling in banks, or games in a casino environment.

Boon Edam to throw entrance security a Lifeline

Boon Edam, global leaders in entrance security systems, will exhibit its latest Speedlane Lifeline Series of entrance security gates for the first time in Sydney at the 2017 Security Exhibition this July.

Have you done something outstanding?

Companies and individuals involved in the Australian security industry will be recognised for their hard work, excellence and innovation on a national and international stage, at the 2017 Security Awards.

The growing threat of terrorism in Australia?

The recently released Global Terrorism Index (2016) outlines concerning implications for Western nations including Australia. One of the particularly worrying implications is the increasingly migratory nature of the kind of fury that inspires terrorism in other parts of the world.

Security and Risk Compliance Must Not Be Ignored

Organisations of all types face a world of increasing threats, both physical and virtual. These organisations have a responsibility to their stakeholders to minimise the associated risks.

nbn survey: Our homes are getting smarter and more connected

How smart is your home?  How connected are your home devices?  How many devices are connected to your wifi network at any one time? nbn survey reveals that the number of connected home devices will double by 2020.

Webcams, Video Conferencing, Smart Security: All Hackable in Less Than 3 Minutes

Jan 14, 2017 Tech Trends

Seven common enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) devices have proven to be hackable in less than three minutes, including IP-connected security systems, smart HVACs and energy meters, video conferencing systems and connected printers.

Top technology trends in the security market to look for in 2017

Dec 20, 2016 Tech Trends

The shops are getting busy, and, depending on which hemisphere you live in, it’s either time to turn on the central heating or break out the shorts and shades. But it’s also time to look ahead to 2017 and wonder what it might have in store for us. Certainly, there will continue to be plenty of unknowns on a geopolitical level, but looking at the physical security industry, this is what we think is coming:

Has The IoT Killed The Humble Access Control Card?

Sep 20, 2016 Tech Trends

For decades, the basic access card, be it MiFare, Weigand, proximity, smart cards, magnetic stripe and a variety of other card technologies, have been the basis of most building access control systems.

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