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Access All Areas with ASSA ABLOY

Jul 6, 2017

Common control systems are gradually becoming outdated and in many cases no longer meet the current demands for heightened levels of security. However, wireless access control essentially can offer the solution that facility managers have been looking for, said David Ward.

David Ward is the Business Development Manager for Wireless Access Control at ASSA ABLOY Australia. Drawing upon more than 15 years’ experience in the security management industry, David has stated that existing security systems are becoming outdated within the industry of security.

In a market where consumers are reluctant to take risks, security has to be wary of adopting the latest technologies and innovations before they are released. Some innovations in wireless access control mean that the technology used to upgrade existing systems is much more cost-effective and also easier to gain consumer confidence due to reliability and proven advancements.

Aperio wireless access control locks

Some of the more recent top performers in this field are the range of Aperio wireless access control locks, which have seen 200 percent growth – a reflection of this increased consumer faith in the products. Aperio is an innovative technology developed to complement new and existing electronic access control systems to provide end users with simple, intelligent ways to upgrade the controllability and security of their premises.

Keyless solutions are cost-effective for the consumers in domestic and commercial spaces; they are convenient and functional for such applications. ASSA ABLOY sees the rise in the number of systems being installed on data rack, cabinets, lockers, cupboards, and drawers – which will drive the next step forward for the security industry.

Enhanced functionality and security means the industry is experiencing a growing trend in the number of consumers confident in rejuvenating old systems with wireless technology. Consumer confidence is key; just as wireless took five years to be accepted, this new technology will have to prove itself before it sees the market fully embrace it.

ASSA ABLOY showcased their Aperio range at the Security Exhibition & Conference.

Story credit: ASSA ABLOY

Source: http://www.assaabloy.com.au/en/local/au/news_and_events/news_archive/access-all-areas/ (ASSA ABLOY – Access All Areas)


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