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Beyond Human Vision with MOBOTIX IP Video Technology

Dec 7, 2017

All over the world sites are protected by using MOBOTIX IP video technology. It delivers absolute reliability even in the most challenging conditions. From Oil Rigs in the North Sea, to World Heritage Sites in remote deserts, whether it is helping scientists at an Arctic research centre or greeting climbers at the top of Mount Everest; MOBOTIX equipment is designed with no moving parts to provide the best overall return on investment.

1. Thermal Focus

Fascinating, Effective, Affordable: High-Caliber Thermal Imaging Technology In A Modular Dual Camera System.

Complement your perimeter protection and fire prevention solutions with a technology that has only recently become widely available. These weatherproof MOBOTIX thermal cameras detect and register objects and people using a thermal signature, even in total darkness at a distance of over 100 meters. And importantly, thermal cameras safeguard privacy.

The thermal cameras are based on the modular M16 and S16 series and can be complemented by a high-resolution image sensor module, if desired. Along with the compact design and the flexible installation options, these thermal cameras also take on the intelligent MOBOTIX video functions. Objects are detected through the MxActivitySensor with almost perfect accuracy. MOBOTIX thermal cameras can send messages automatically as long as the temperature in the defined exposure window deviates from the standard range. They are also extremely effective in detecting life-threatening heat sources early on.

2. Industrial Focus

Security For 100% Reliable Operations

Critical infrastructure of energy generation systems, communications systems and utilities needs to be separately secured and monitored for absolute reliable operation, and not only for emergency situations. High follow-up costs caused by damage, repairs and power outages can be prevented if intelligent preventive measures are enacted in advance.

A fire breaks out in a company every five minutes in Germany alone. The financial damages from fires amount to several billion euros each year. Just as dramatic are the currently available figures for criminal acts and burglary, which are showing an increase in some cases of more than 50% over the last five years. Meanwhile, crime-solving rates in commercial buildings and factories are less than 20%, which clearly illustrates how important burglary and early fire detection is.

Intelligent And Reliable Prevention

The next steps for intervening in a situation can be planned if a live image from a MOBOTIX thermal camera is set up and connected in a control center, for example. In this manner, dangerous situations can be defused and high damages mitigated before they actually occur. In addition, these systems can be remotely monitored in a costeffective manner. For example, it is possible to use MOBOTIX Thermal Overlay to define hotspots in the visible image, enabling higher costs due to damage to be prevented. Application areas range from critical infrastructures such as power plants and industrial facilities to forestry and mining operations.

3. Retail Focus

Intelligent Video Security For Preventive And Security Measures 

Recent studies have shown that nearly €4 billion is lost as a consequence of annual inventory differences in the retail sector for Germany alone, meaning irregularities such as theft, fraud and manipulation by customers, employees and suppliers. The use of intelligent video security is becoming more important for retailers, as seen in more than €1 billion in investments in preventive and security measures. However, modern IP video solutions can supply much more than only evidence or serve to prevent theft. An intelligent MOBOTIX solution opens entirely new avenues for the retail sector, above and beyond traditional protection measures.

4. Transportation Focus

Robust and reliable: for every vehicle at any speed

More than ever, operators of public and private transportation services and commercial transport vehicles must take action against vandalism, theft and violence being perpetrated within and against their vehicles. Those companies take these measures to ensure that their guests feel safe and business remains viable in the long term.

MOBOTIX offers decentralised, intelligent video security technology that perfectly suits these requirements. Offenders can be identified faster and more reliably with the help of detailed wall-to-wall images than with conventional video systems. “Video Surveillance by MOBOTIX” discourages offenders and has been proven to increase the safety of passengers and staff alike. What’s more, it needs to be possible to locate vehicles in the fleet at any time, while optimising vehicle fleet utilisation. Security technicians from all over the world have been most enthusiastic about the effectiveness and the outstanding image quality delivered by the MOBOTIX systems for years now.


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