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Facial recognition driving hands-free access control

Aug 3, 2018

Sydney-based start-up Noahface’s proprietary Facial Recognition (FR) technology which debuted at this year’s Security Exhibition & Conference in Melbourne allows any iOS device to act as an access control solution via digitally-connected doors.

Noahface provides a low-cost security solution that can be retro-fit to any door, working as either a single secure point of entry or as part of an interlinked network of doors. The software scans for recognised facial features, allowing almost instantaneous access for approved people. The solution negates the need for passcards or other secure tokens which might be lost or stolen, and also facilitates hands-free operation, which increases OH&S in an environment where employees are required to carry heavy items, which would need to be put down and picked up again to access a conventionally-protected door.

“Noahface is the latest in access control, offering new levels of convenience and security. It is a perfect solution for SMBs who want secure premises without the cost of a large access control environment, as it can be deployed on existing iPads and iOS devices,” said Geoff Cropley, founder and CEO at Noahface.

“Our software is one-hundred percent Australian, developed between us and our partners Servcore. Hands-free operation means that there is less physical contact with doors and tokens, which can avoid the spread of germs in a sensitive environment, and generally allows people to travel around a secure environment with less hassle.”

Noahface is programmable, so it allows for different sets of rules to be applied to an individual’s profile, allowing or restricting access to different areas of a secure environment. The software can also be used to track time and attendance, recording which employees have accessed a particular door, and at what time. Rules can be applied to doors at different times of the day as well, allowing access to certain areas at pre-set times, then locking those same doors after hours.

For more information on Noahface head to http://www.noahface.com

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