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JustIN Mobile Key by SALTO, the new star of Hotel Astoria 7

Jun 12, 2015

The Astoria 7 hotel in San Sebastian, Spain, is one of the first in the world that can now manage the reservations and stays of its guests by sending their room keys direct to their smart phones.

Opened in April 2009, the Hotel Astoria 7 is the ideal hotel for lovers of cinema. Built on the foundations of a former Gipuzkoa cinema, the hotel appeals to an eclectic mix of travellers, business executives and arty types and is one of the most exciting places to stay in the city of San Sebastian. With an aesthetic based on film, each of the hotel’s 102 rooms is themed to a particular movie star of national or international cinema. This enables guests to relax and spend the night in the company of Glenn Close, Sean Penn and Quentin Tarantino among others.

So its no surprise that the hotel prides itself on its relaxed and welcoming environment, combining both comfort and functionality to improve the guest experience. Key to this is its continuing adoption of the latest technology. Already established users of contacless hospitality access control from SALTO, the Astoria 7 has once again pushed its envelope through being the first to adopt SALTO’s new JustIN mobile key technology to allow its guests to be among the first anywhere to access their rooms by using their own smart phones.

SALTO & JustIN Mobile Key
Specializing in wire free and wireless access control, Spanish based SALTO is today an international benchmark in contactless access control solutions, with more than 2 million electronic locks installed in some of the most prestigious buildings in the world. Every day it is estimated that more than 14 million around the world use technology and access control systems from SALTO.

The demand for mobile access solutions is rising sharply. Hotel operators, for example, want mobile phone applications that make it easier for customers to book, check in, access their rooms and check out without having to wait at reception. In response to this SALTO have developed “JustIN Mobile Key”. This is a revolutionary and intuitive mobile application that allows smart phones to communicate with SALTO wire-free electronic locks, providing access to a hotel room without having to rely on traditional mechanical keys, magnetic stripe cards or even contactless proximity cards.

Thanks to this application and wireless electronic locks from SALTO incorporating this technology, together with a first class installation provided by local SALTO partner i-SAI, the Astoria 7 Hotel can now not only provide guests with a room, but they can also give them a smart key to access it. Its all done simply and quickly upon confirmation of booking. The guest just confirms their reservation and that they want to receive the key to their room directly to their smart phone (iOS or Android) and its done.

Key Benefits
The technology helps minimize queuing at hotel reception, and allows staff to spend more time with the wellcoming processes and customer orientation. “It’s about having a hotel that’s fully connected to our guests needs enabling us to enhance their visit to both San Sebastian and our hotel” explains Guillaume Fontagné, director of the Astoria 7 hotel. “In addition, SALTO technology allows us to get know our guests better and to have a more human relationship with them,” adds Fontagné.

Another feature that highlighted the relationship between the San Sebastian hotel, SALTO and i-SAI was the efficiency, service and professionalism of its staff during the project. Throughout the design, installation, commissioning and training phases, no inconvenience was caused nor activity interuppted by the change over to the new mobile enabled wireless locks.

JustIN Mobile Key from SALTO is the new application through which the Hotel Astoria 7 now offers its guests a unique experience, providing them with unparalled convenience to ensure their máximum comfort.

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