21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Meet the Smallest Avigilon Camera for the Most Challenging Spaces

Looking for camera for areas with limited space? Avigilon's latest camera is small, lightweight and can help enhance security for the most challenging spaces.

The Avigilon H5A Modular camera is designed for areas with limited space or require a discreet and unobtrusive monitoring solution, such as ATMs, police interview rooms, retail checkout counters, building entrances or casino gaming tables. The camera’s flexible imager modules can easily be positioned in different orientations to help capture the most optimal view of people or scenes of interest for investigations. With a lightweight design and a selection of form factors, this camera can be installed in practically any indoor or outdoor environment, including discreet applications such as behind false walls or ceilings. Wide Dynamic Range helps ensure high-quality image details, even in areas with strong backlight.

Security teams can respond faster to critical events with this camera’s built-in Next-Generation Video Analytics for enhanced object detection and classification, Unusual Activity Detection, and its support for Facial Recognition and Avigilon Appearance Search technologies. In addition, the H5A Modular camera supports Occupancy Counting and No Face Mask Detection to help facilities combat the spread of COVID-19.

Customisable Design

Its modular design offers the ability to mix and match different resolutions and/or form factors to suit the site’s coverage needs.

Built-in Analytics & AI Capabilities

Detects critical events with expanded object classification, Unusual Activity Detection and supports Avigilon Appearance Search™ and Facial Recognition.

Flexible Installation

Detachable cables with multiple length options are available to help reduce installation times and enable flexible positioning of the camera’s imager modules for ideal scene coverage.

High-Resolution WDR Images

Offers high-quality images up to 5 MP. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) helps ensure clear image details in areas with strong backlight.


Reach out to your local Avigilon sales representative to learn more today.


This article was created and supplied in partnership with Motorola Solutions. If you would like to share case studies and news about your security products, please contact the team.

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