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Occupancy Counter Software

Jun 16, 2020

Product Feature - Avigilon – a Motorola Solutions Company.

Motorola Solutions’ Occupancy Counter Software in the Avigilon Control Centre (ACC) 7, is the latest release of video management software that provides organisations with an easy and streamlined way to count and identify the number of people in a facility at any given time. As COVID-19 continues to place restrictions of mass gatherings this feature will reduce the manpower needed to crowd control.

Features Include;

  • AI powered video analytics
  • Entry and exit detection and management
  • Live count
  • Detect and track occupants
  • Cloud based dashboard
  • Easy and efficient
  • Works in conjunction with Avigilon camera solutions

More information on the occupancy counter software can be found here.

Avigilon Control Centre Software (ACC) 7 Australia distributor can be found here.  

From security cameras to video analytics, access control solutions and cloud services, Avigilon – a Motorola Solutions Company, has a wide range of complete solutions, empowering you to proactively protect what matters most.

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