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Protect Your People, Property & Assets: Avigilon Smart Security Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Sep 15, 2021

Product feature brought to you by Avigilon - A Motorola Solutions Company

Critical infrastructure is often considered the backbone of a nation’s economy, security and health. Failure of even a single site has the potential to trigger a domino effect that could significantly impact public health and safety, national security, the economy and public confidence. Video, access control and critical communications solutions are crucial to ensure the security of property and equipment, as well as the safety of employees and site visitors. Avigilon’s complete security solutions provide easy-to-use software, intelligent cameras and AI-powered analytics that help simplify monitoring for large sites while enhancing perimeter protection.

Detect Trespassing & Loitering

Self-learning video analytics allow you to define analytics rules to receive real-time notifications when a person or vehicle enters a perimeter.

Secure Restricted Areas

Manage staff and visitor access to buildings and restricted areas using our Access Control Manager (ACM) system. Unified with ACC™ video management software, ACM™ allows you to detect someone at an access control point and quickly verify the situation with live camera views.

Greater Coverage, Fewer Cameras

Avigilon ultra-high-definition video security cameras allow coverage of wider areas with fewer cameras, and Avigilon High Definition Stream Management™(HDSM) and HDSM SmartCodec technologies maintain exceptional image quality while reducing network bandwidth and storage capacity needs.

Monitor and Maintain Sites Remotely

Avigilon Cloud Services allow you to access your ACC sites from anywhere using a web browser. Remotely monitor the system health of ACC sites including cameras and servers from a central location and push software and firmware updates.

Video Security & Radio Integration

Radio Alert pushes alarms from Avigilon analytics, access control and LPR watchlist match events to your Motorola radio in the form of text messages and/or text-to-voice alerts to improve incident response times.

To learn more about Avigilon solutions for Critical Infrastructure, request a demo to speak with your local Avigilon representative today.

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