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Tackling a ‘key’ concern

Nov 21, 2018

The world’s largest capacity free standing key control system, gives you full control over who has access to your keys or assets

Managing a large number of keys is a huge responsibility, and security challenges such as keys being vulnerable to theft and unauthorised accessibility can make it difficult to organise. Fortunately, MATRIX by Harcor is now available in Australia, and offers a high level of maximum security for your key collection. The wall mount system, desktop system and world’s largest capacity free standing key control system, gives you full control over who has access to your keys or assets, in a state-of-the-art secure unit.

Each key or asset is secured in a sealed compartment and can only be accessed by passing an identification process, either through biometrics, access control card or password, giving you the highest level of security. You decide who is authorised to access each key and receive real-time data about who has taken what, when and for what purpose. Options include every transaction automatically being registered and captured by a dedicated video camera. Unlike other systems where anyone who opens the front door can tamper or steal any key in the cabinet, MATRIX protects each key in a separate locked compartment with no access without manager permissions.

You also have the option to video record every operation for future monitoring. MATRIX software contains highly advanced and unique features allowing you to stay in full control over keys or asset usage within your organisation. The system arrives with a large 10.1” touch monitor and voice guidance making the operation extremely easy.

A leading cyber security company, developed technology for tracking calls and encrypted data on mobile phones. The company’s main product is used by many foreign governments around the world. Each day, company employees are using, testing and replacing different cell phone devices. For this purpose, two full time employees are in charge of keeping track and logging who is using what device and for which purpose. Cell phones are lost, which not only drive up operational costs, but could also trigger data breach and lose of classified information.

A MATRIX ULTRA cabinet with only 3 drawers was installed to manage 360 mobile phones. Each device is stored in a separate compartment while the access to each is possible only after biometric identification and according to personal authorisations. All the devices must be returned to the system at the time set, or else, the system sends an alert to the appropriate manager. Every transaction is documented and captured by a dedicated video camera.

With MATRIX, management of the leading cyber security company now have full control over very valuable item. Company employees are aware that they are accountable for the phones they use. Since the system was installed:

  • The cabinet is automatically managed
  • NSO gained two full time employees that are now available to perform other, more important work
  • Zero phones lost
  • Valuable data is protected
  • All the activities are listed and documented
  • Extra storage could be easily added with a purchase of single drawers at minimal cost

If you’d like to exhibit alongside Harcour at the Security Exhibition & Conference in Sydney in July 2019, please get in touch with our team today.

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