21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Session Information

18-Aug, 11:00 - 11:40

Driving Enterprise Risk Management to the Next Level – Key Considerations

ASIAL Security Conference

While those working in risk management have always lived and breathed the finer details of governance, risk management and risk-based assurance, today’s security leaders, managers and executives have never been more aware of the need for and importance of managing risk effectively with functioning frameworks and systems to plan for and respond to risk. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for the risk management discipline – how do we capitalise and take the approach harnessed over the last two decades to the next level?

From the global shift to remote working to digital transformation, supply chain resilience to international and economic upheaval, the notable shift in individual risk tolerance to national risk management and global security, the way risk is managed at the program, enterprise, industry and national level will strongly shape enterprise continuity, performance, and ultimately an organisation’s resilience beyond anything witnessed before.

In this session, Aerosafe’s Chief Executive Officer Kimberley Turner will draw on her international experience of advising governments, national leaders, risk professionals, industry regulators, Boards, Risk and Audit Committees from some of the world’s largest organisations to present “Key Considerations” for risk and security professionals to take their approach to enterprise risk management to the next level. Reflecting on recent engagement with global defence, aviation, infrastructure and finance, and healthcare sectors, Kimberely will present on the foundations required to ensure enterprise risk management is primed for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in the interconnected, transparent and fast changing global security environment.

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