21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Session Information

21-Aug, 10:45 - 11:15

Empowering Women Through AV: A Case Study of PLC Melbourne.

This presentation explores the audiovisual team at Presbyterian Ladies’ College Melbourne, focusing on its role in enhancing educational experiences. Starting with an overview of PLC, the presentation outlines the structure and objectives of the AV team, emphasising how AV technology supports the school’s mission. A historical perspective traces the journey from early AV setups to modern advancements including interactive displays, advanced sound systems, and digital tools.

The College's main focus is "to form empowered women who change the world for good." This focus expands into AV, showcasing PLC’s initiatives to support and mentor female students and staff. This includes the Tech Programme, which provides hands-on experiences and training in AV technology, fostering technical skills, leadership, and creativity. Examples of successful student-led projects will be highlighted, demonstrating how these initiatives help young women develop confidence and expertise in AV roles. The impact of these programs on the students’ personal and professional growth will be emphasised.

Additionally, the presentation addresses sustainable practices in AV, emphasising the implementation of cyclic plans and future planning to ensure long-term viability and innovation. This involves strategic planning for equipment upgrades, maintenance schedules, and resource allocation, ensuring that AV practices at PLC remain forward-thinking and sustainable. The vision for the future includes continued innovation and inclusion, driven by women and students in AV roles, aligning with the broader goals of PLC to form empowered women of character who can change the world for good.

In conclusion, this comprehensive overview aims to inspire other educational institutions to adopt innovative AV practices, promote gender inclusivity, and engage students in meaningful technological projects. By sharing PLC’s journey and successes, the presentation seeks to provide valuable insights and practical strategies for enhancing AV technology in education.

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