21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Session Information

31-Aug, 10:45 - 11:30

Cloud and AI Transformation: Rewards of moving to cloud, Risks of falling behind

ASIAL Security Conference

Cloud video surveillance is the fastest growing trend in physical security today. Major markets around the world are adopting cloud video surveillance, but at varying rates. Why has the security industry been slow to adopt cloud? What’s the best way for enterprise organizations to take advantage of today’s changing dynamic? Join entrepreneur and inventor Dean Drako (founder of Barracuda Networks, Eagle Eye Networks, Drako Motors) for a keynote address as he explores these questions. He examines why global enterprise and security decision makers are opting for true cloud cybersecurity via subscription instead of hiring IT personnel, how true cloud systems can deliver advanced AI functionality at minimal cost, and what’s on the horizon in the next five years for businesses that make the move to cloud, and those that don’t.

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