21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Speaker Profile

Andy Ciddor

The Kilowatt Company

Andy has been fascinated (okay, obsessed) with learning about technical things since he was a kid. His boundless curiosity has led him to become involved in electrics, wireless, audio, projection, lighting, pyrotechnics, electronics, video, information technologies, control systems, AV, communications: indeed pretty much anything with a wire in it.
Since stumbling from performing into stage electrics at high school, he has worked at the intersection of technology and production for live performance and television for nearly five decades. Andy has had a variety of careers, beginning in lighting and production technologies and inevitably moving into researching, planning and managing productions and technical operations.

As a technology journalist and magazine editor, Andy has contributed to print and digital publications around the globe. He was the founding editor of AV Asia Pacific Magazine, which he ran for 7½ years. His technical writing includes whitepapers, tutorials, training material, product manuals, web content and media releases across a huge range of technologies. He has recently completed the new (3rd) edition of AVIXA's CTS Exam Guide. Andy's teaching and training contributions include developing and running Australia's only professional lighting course and conducting seminars, training courses and professional development across the entire span of his interests.

Through his lifelong participation and leadership in industry bodies and interest groups, Andy continues to encourage, train, develop and mentor future generations of industry participants and enthusiasts.

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