21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Speaker Profile

Sarah Drysdale


Sarah Drysdale, as CommBox’s COO and Head of Product, is the architect of the company’s operational and product excellence. Her strategic insight and mastery of the interactive and commercial LCD & LED display market have guided CommBox to pioneering successes.
Focused on meeting market demands, Sarah has spearheaded the development and launch of trailblazing products, establishing new standards in quality, functionality, and user engagement.
Her comprehensive expertise in product management, operational optimisation, and strategic innovation has been pivotal to CommBox’s industry leadership. Sarah’s knack for transforming complex technical challenges into user-friendly solutions, coupled with her collaborative and empowering leadership, has propelled CommBox to the forefront of technology, affirming its position as an industry leader and driving its continuous evolution in a dynamic market landscape.

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