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Jun 17, 2021

Daelibs has provided location verification services to the security industry for over 20 years, pioneering the Internet of Things and offering the world’s first patrol system using beacon technology.


Daelibs continues to innovate and expand its technology, with award winning, spatially aware solutions to increase efficiency, productivity and safety across a range of sectors.

Daelibs Workforce Guidance transforms organisations from the traditional reactive and labour-intensive model into highly predictive, automated and intelligent operations.

Our platform minimises the friction in getting information where it needs to go through friendly and simple interactive devices or fully automated sensor driven condition monitoring.

Workforce Guidance can connect to any sensor, third party system, or BIMS to provide a single console while maintaining information privacy between all parties.

A single platform captures the complete picture to deliver a wealth of information regarding the use of precincts, the people that service them, along with real time user sentiment.

Workforce Guidance can track millions of data points in real time.  This allows the platform to geolocate service provision team members at the same time as monitoring activity and conditions throughout a precinct.

The engine evaluates this data and makes lighting fast decisions to dispatch the closest qualified team member within the blink of an eye.

By selectively and clinically dispatching tasks directly to service provision team members, Workforce Guidance empowers your business to deliver extremely rapid, highly attentive service.

Workforce Guidance can supplement other operational needs through the Daelibs suite of plugins such as compliance, timesheeting, OHS, and waste weighing, to name a few.

The larger the workforce, the higher the benefit percentages will be. Although we are an IoT platform provider, we supply a complete solution including hardware, installation, support and full maintenance. Regardless of your sector, any workforce will benefit from this system.


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