21-23 Aug 2024
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Is the NBN on your radar?

How much do you know about the National Broadband Network (nbn)? According to many surveys the public is confused about what it means, when it is coming, and don't know how or who to ask for help.

Today and in the future, the NBN is and will be a fundamental telecommunications network. A recent count resulted in 5 million premises (homes/offices) having the NBN run past their front door, and the government stating we will all have some version of it by 2020.

Whilst the average consumer needs general support and more advice about the NBN, research suggests that homeowners trusted cablers most when asked who they thought was best to help them.

As such the Australian Registered Cablers, or ARC, was created. We could see that if the public was confused then so would the trades who have a footprint in wiring homes and offices.

We could also see a business opportunity for the 80,000 or so cablers in the marketplace.

ARC was set up by the industry registrars ACRS, ASIAL, BRCA, FPA Australia and TITAB as well as the International Copper Association Australia who have spearheaded the development of Smart Wiring.™

We have created a website, www.registeredcablers.com.au to provide expert advice for both consumers and the industry. The public can find a cabler, whilst cablers, who hold a current cabler registration as required by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, can obtain free technical and marketing material.

We have also talked to the nbn™, the company running the NBN roll out, the Government, Telco’s and Internet Service Providers to ensure they understand the importance of getting the public to take some action on the NBN.

I am pleased to report that the nbn™, ACMA, the Department of Communications and Telstra recommend the ARC site.

ARC mean business and we hope you do too.

About the author: Kevin Fothergill

Chairman of the Australian Registered Cabler Committee of Management
ACRS – Australian Cabler Registration Service by NECA
ASIAL – Australian Security Industry Association Limited
BRCA – BICIS registered cablers Australia operated by BICIS
FPA Australia – Fire Protection Association Australia
TITAB – Registrar-managed by CITT


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