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Australian First- Hill’s new motion detection technology sees through walls

Jun 2, 2014 Tech Trends

Xandem Tomographic Motion Detection (TMD), a groundbreaking new form of motion detection technology that sees and detects movements through walls, has been launched on the Australian market.

This state of the art technology provides an unbeatable, full coverage security solution which will revolutionise the Australian security market.

Xandem technology does not rely on optical beams and uninterrupted sight lines. Sensing comes from a wireless network of nodes that blanket the area with a powerful motion detection mesh. When a person crosses the areas between the nodes, they disturb the sensing links and the system triggers.

“Xandem really is at the cutting edge of detection technology and we’re proud that Australia is one of the first markets in the world to offer this product to security installers,” Hills Limited Chief Technology Officer, Leica Ison said.

“Not only can Xandem see through walls to sense movement, it provides complete coverage in large areas such as retail stores, factories and warehouses.

“Since the system can detect movement through any obstruction, the entire floor plan can be covered without gaps in the sensing, or blind spots.

“What’s more, the nodes can be completely hidden from view and even installed behind walls. This makes it near impossible for an intruder to scope out the vulnerability of a site.

“Xandem delivers a full coverage security solution perfect for high risk businesses or locations where a large detection area is needed – from retail stores and shopping centres to offices, factories, museums, hotels and hospitals.”

Xandem is also immune to blocking techniques used by intruders to avoid detection and the leading causes of false alarms including temperature change or small animals, birds and insects.

Xandem is the latest security product being distributed by DAS, a Hills Limited business, as the company continues to pioneer innovative solutions for trusted environments, from hospitals and aged care facilities, to educational institutions, enterprises, governments and the home.


  •  Senses movement through walls and other obstructions
  • Nodes can be installed behind walls, making the security system invisible
  • Plug and play set up and integrates with any security or automation panel
  • Cost and security advantages through reduced false alarms – immune to small creatures, dust, dirt and temperature changes
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