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IP Video Cameras – Don’t leave your network door open

Jun 26, 2017

There is a growing risk of security threats and breaches as the number of entry points into a network dramatically increase.

In a recent survey by Cisco, 73% of business decision makers said they expect the IoT to cause security threats to increase in severity over the next two years. While the vision of IoT proposed for the convenience, capabilities, and flexibility for vast networks of connected devices; the risk for security threats and breaches have increased as a result of entry points into a network.

When designing a system for a nation where technology is connected to things, threat and/or risk analysis should be taken into consideration. As technology becomes deeply integrated into our lives, any application you add to any systems will inevitably increase exposure area as new components are added. In addition to being aware, minimising the attack surface area is a common cyber protection measure that should not be overlooked. If devices, services, and applications do not need to interact, you should try to limit the connection between them.

Hardening video security systems is fundamental

The process of securing a video security system – or hardening it – is a fundamental factor for installers and IT personnel to understand. A hardening guide provides a strategy suited to specific user requirements to essentially prevent any risks from occurring. Axis uses the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls as the baseline for its hardening guide. A first step is an understanding and use of industry standard security protocols, including multi-level user authentication/authorization, password protection, SSL/TLS encryption, 802.1X, IP-filtering and certificate management.

In summary, to deal with increased risk, variety and volume of security risks, security system consumers will need to keep well-informed from their suppliers of any updates. To prevent any attacks through network camera-based systems.

Story credit: Axis Communications

Source: https://www.axis.com/blog/secure-insights/ip-cameras-dont-leave-network-door-open/

This article was originally published by Axis Communications, Principal Exhibition and Registration Sponsor for the Security Exhibition & Conference.

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