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Five innovative uses of surveillance cameras – looking beyond CCTV

Dec 4, 2017

The use of CCTV has exploded over the last few years and technology has been evolving at quite a pace, with the video surveillance market set to reach USD 75.64 Billion by 2022. We are seeing an increasing number of security solutions now integrating deep learning analytics, facial recognition, multi-sensor and multi-directional motion detection, as well as innovative and alternative uses of the technology.

We’ve picked out 5 of the most interesting or unusual uses of CCTV technology we could find.

NEC – Catching criminals in real time with facial recognition

A recent trial of facial recognition technology by the South Wales police at the football Champions  League final at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, United Kingdom, led to a the successful arrest of a man wanted by police. The ground-breaking technology from NEC used a sophisticated algorithm to compare footage of attendees with a police database of 500,000 custody images. This ability to detect suspects known to security services in real time could be particularly effective in preventing terrorist attacks.

FLIR –  Navigating murky waters

The M-Series from FLIR builds on 25 years of producing maritime thermal night vision technology. FLIR have developed their own ClearCruise™ intelligent thermal analytics technology to work in conjunction with Raymarin Axiom MFD. It delivers an unprecedented level of situational awareness to boat operators to non-water objects such as other vessels, obstacles, or navigation markers

Petcube – fetch Fido fetch!

Smart pet sitting with Petcube helps take care of your pet when they are home alone. The combination of high quality CCTV with two-way audio, allows you to observe and communicate with you best friend. What’s more, the Petcube play also has an in-built laser, so you can play with your pet remotely. And the petcube bites flings treats, either on demand or at scheduled times. Plus sound and motion alerts will let you know if something is wrong, or your pet is misbehaving.

MOBOTIX – Keeping Pompeii safe from harm

The UNESCO world heritage site, so famously and tragically preserved after Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, has been facing new threats to its existence of late. Receiving as many as 15,000 visitors a day, there have been increasing instances of theft and vandalism to the archaeological site. A large-scale CCTV installation using MOBOTIX cameras was installed as part of a large project by the Italian Government which was needed to urgently protect and preserve the ancient city.

Melbourne – A bird’s eye view

Some of Melbourne’s fluffiest residents were in the limelight recently. From a CCTV camera perched on the roof of the building at 367 Collins Street, a livestream was being avidly watched by enthusiastic locals. Sadly at the time of writing, the chicks have not survived. In an official statement, Mirvac building management they are unaware of the cause of death and hope that next year’s breeding season will be more successful. Falcons have been nesting on the building since 1991. Mirvac proudly sponsors the Victorian Peregrine Project and its conservation research to improve the management of one of Victoria’s most magnificent birds.

From crime prevention and detection to doggy day care and bird-watching, it’s a brave new world of CCTV surveillance and smart technology we now live in.

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