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Physical Security and Cyber Security – Are they so different?

Jul 21, 2017 Tech Trends

When it comes to IP security cameras – should you be more concerned about their physical security or their cyber vulnerabilities?  Is there much difference anyway?

Whether you are responsible for your organisation’s physical security or cyber security you still need to apply the same principles:

Identify your assets and resources

To start, you need to think carefully about why an intruder might be interested in those assets. In most circumstances, these video assets may be valuable to your company, but of little use to anyone else. In addition to your video content, user credentials, information about network configuration and potential service interfaces could provide useful intelligence for other attacks.

Identify plausible threats

Inevitably there are a few credible threats to an IP camera system: physical sabotage such as leaking the video content and/or using the device as an intrusion point into your broader network. It’s also important to think about who could be a plausible attacker and essentially what their motivations might be.

Identify plausible vulnerabilities that could be exploited

In order to be effective, any network or device has to be exposed to the outside world. There is some vulnerability such as physical exposure of a camera, making it highly targetable and prone to sabotage – which is why cameras can withstand physical conditions.

Identify expected cost of a successful attack  

Taking into consideration of expected costs is important, because if you don’t know the cost of a successful attack, then you don’t know how much to invest in securing your systems. If cameras aren’t being used in an everyday environment, there is no chance they can be used for an entry point into the rest of your network; therefore the cost of a breach is low. However, if a case is more sensitive, or a breach could expose your company, costs will be much higher into securing security systems.

Identifying expected costs of a successful attack is highly important in securing your company security system.

Story Credit: Axis Communications

Source: https://www.axis.com/blog/secure-insights/physical-vs-cyber-security/ (Physical Security and Cybersecurity – are they so different?)

This article was originally published by Axis Communications, Principal Exhibition and Registration Sponsor for the Security Exhibition & Conference.

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