22-24 Jul 2020
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

NEW: AI / ML Seminar

Brand new in 2019 and hosted by ACES Group, the AI/ML Seminar explored the landscape of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the security industry.

Thursday 25 July
Level 5, ICC Sydney
10am - 4pm

AI Revolution 2019 – The new era of data science empowering the security industry

The AI/ML Seminar was brand new in 2019 and hosted by ACES Group. It explored the landscape of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the security industry. Attendees learned about the importance of embracing AI and how to start adopting the capability in their  business today.

Attendees gained an understanding of how automated platforms leverage data science to transform experience, improve crowd management, create efficiency, increase safety and drive growth. Insights from industry innovators covered a comprehensive range of topics from the AI basics through to integration, demonstrations of solutions for your business, pioneering applications and futuristic concepts.

Thursday 25 July

Full seminar program

Automation, machine learning, and AI – these technologies are changing we work, but can it be applied to risk management, which requires a mixture of analytical tasks and human expertise? Can automation help risk managers around the world constrained by limited budgets and resources, deliver better outcomes for their organisations?

Aaron will discuss the challenges of implementing automation technologies into risk management and demonstrate an innovative platform that overcomes these challenges by combining human expertise with the power of automation, machine learning and AI.

Key Takeaways
1. What is the role of automation, machine learning and AI in relation to risk
2. How can automation be applied to assessing and managing risks today
3. The future for automation in risk management

Computer vision applying convolutional neural networks, object recognition and machine learning is becoming the automated AI of the future. This presentation provides insight into the future tools and commercial applications that will become available for behavioural monitoring. Current projects, including crowd mood recognition in the wild (non-laboratory conditions) will be discussed, including methods and results.

Key Takeaways:
1. Why the automation of behavioural monitoring using computer vision and A.I. is important for the security industry
2. How behavioural analysis strategies can be used to maximise commercial success
3. What future tools and commercial applications are available for the automated assessment of behaviour and crowd characteristics

This talk will investigate the current landscape of robotics and Artificial Intelligence in relation to events and security, exploring opportunities to leverage data to transform experience, create efficiency, increase safety and drive growth.

You’ll learn about the importance of embracing the AI and robotics mindset and the capability, benefits and opportunities that the latest tech innovations can provide.

Specifically an introduction will be provided to Nimbo – the AI powered security robot.

Key Takeaways
1. Why embracing the new robotics and AI mindset is important for driving growth and maintaining a competitive position.
2. The capabilities, benefits and opportunities that robotics and AI present in the security industry
3. How to implement Human and AI/robotics centred strategies to maximise success

In this talk, the benefits for the event safety & security industry provided by modern smartphone-based technologies are highlighted. Applications involve crowd flow visualisation, targeted communication with visitors, management of ground staff and many more.

Key Takeaways
1. A statistically relevant macro view of visitor flows can be created by analysing smartphone data.
2. Visitors can be easily targeted with intelligent messages based on their current context rather than just broadcasting advice to everybody.
3. Thanks to cloud- and smartphone-technologies, disruptive applications can be made available without big efforts.

There are hidden patterns in large datasets in every domain. Using machine learning algorithms, Dr Roman Marchant is uncovering previously unknown patterns that helps us to understand the key drivers and dynamics of crime, with the ultimate goal of effectively allocating resources for the prevention of criminal behaviour.

1. Use of pattern recognition for security
2. Quantification of uncertainty
3. Decision Making under Uncertainty

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