21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney

Torus – Security TV

Torus - Security TV

Security TV is a new and unique online series produced by yBC, which zeros in on a wide range of issues, solutions and technology from the world of  “security”. Episodes are researched, produced and published independently by the yBC editorial team.

There has never been anything quite like Security TV: telling the industry’s stories at such a crucial time.

The series recognises the pace of technological and social change which organisations are experiencing in almost every aspect of their operation – from how people work, how they interact with customers and the public, and even where work is done – as well as the significant increase in risks which organisations need to protect themselves from. With such intense change comes the need to be flexible, nimble and competitive –whilst also ensuring that the right “controls” are in place.

Security TV taps into industry experts, analysts, innovators, academics and industry personalities from multiple verticals to discuss the latest trends, issues and solutions. Each episode contains actionable insights or best practices you can potentially apply to your own organisation or role.

Torus is proud to be the premier sponsor of SecurityTV: “when we heard about plans for Security TV, we knew straight away that we wanted to be involved.” At Torus our purpose is securing the world’s workplaces with exceptional tech. Australian made and designed, our products allow you to supervise and track your building’s keys, cards and tags – with utmost efficiency, control and precision.

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