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Innovations Unveiled and Connections Amplified: Security 2023 Wrap

Sep 1, 2023 Event News
The second co-located Integrate and Security Exhibitions, held at Sydney’s ICC, have come to a close with the highest recorded attendee engagement in visiting the exhibitions and participation in education programs. Event Manager, Soren Norgaard, said it was clear the co-located shows are a huge success with ever increasing cross over opportunities between the two industries.

Enhancing Workforce Management with Beacons

Bluetooth beacons can significantly enhance workforce management for security companies by providing real-time location tracking and improved communication capabilities.

Performance-enhanced hardware for your video management system

3rd generation hardware platforms with significantly enhanced performance

How surveillance technology can help cities achieve their sustainability goals

Sustainability is an objective high on everyone’s agenda. In every nation across the globe, we all have a responsibility and role to play in building a more sustainable future.

Managing your security workforce just got easier with Lighthouse

Managing your security workforce just got easier with Lighthouse

Simplify Security at Scale

Protect people and property with privacy in mind. Trusted by over 17,000 organizations, Verkada builds physical security solutions that integrate seamlessly behind a single, cloud-based software platform.

Security 2022 Review: Securing a New Era for Security

Sep 2, 2022 Event News
Integrate and Security Expos 2022 have officially come to an end, with this year’s shows achieving record attendance numbers of over 8500 industry professionals, the largest event for either brand to date.

Safety Makes Us Better At Everything We Do

Aug 15, 2022 Tech Trends
Safety is the foundation on which everything else is built – regardless of the industry you’re in. Because when your people, property and operations are safe, you have the peace of mind and confidence to move forward – to fill a flight or sell out a stadium, to care for a patient or graduate a class or focus on your work.

Person of Interest: Vishy Narayanan

When thinking about an organisation's digital transformation, the most apparent example one might conjure is the mass migration over the last two years from in-person to remote work environments. And while this has been a substantial technical and cultural shift for most businesses, it is but one example of digital transformation.
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