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Best in the business recognised at the 2017 Security Awards

Oct 23, 2017

The 22nd annual Australian Security Industry Awards for Excellence – an ASIAL initiative, and the 3rd annual Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs), again shared a prestigious Awards Ceremony & Dinner in front of a sell-out crowd at Crown Melbourne on 19 October.

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Using video analytics to drive sustainability in business

Oct 13, 2017

The growing sophistication of analytics in video surveillance brings the opportunity to apply devices beyond just security and into business intelligence and decision-making. The insight provided into business operations has multiple applications, leading to significant potential cost savings and the promotion of sustainable business practices.

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5 Trends in Biometric Technology

Oct 4, 2017

The worldwide biometrics market is growing at a rapid pace because of the need for increased security and fighting the rising scenarios of identity theft, data hacking, and security breaches. Businesses and governments are all looking for authentication technologies that provide security that can be relied on.

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“I’m sorry Dave, I can’t let you do that”

Sep 28, 2017

This quote from Stanley Kubrick’s famous sci-fi film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ (1968) depicts a dystopian future where a spaceship computer becomes self-aware, attempting to kill its crew. Although the dates might have been a little off (we are yet to achieve long distance space travel and it’s already 2017), we do have some darned clever machines running many aspects of our lives.

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Top five reasons colleges and universities are moving to smart cards

Sep 13, 2017

95% of universities and colleges still rely on dated access control technology such as magnetic stripes or proximity cards.  Unfortunately, this leaves these institutions open to security vulnerabilities that often result in increased duplication and fraudulent card use.

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Everything you need to know about Connected Automobiles

Sep 5, 2017

From gasoline and diesel turbochargers to electric products to software, here’s how Honeywell solutions are revving up the automotive industry.

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Studying up on the safety of schools

Aug 30, 2017

Traditional video surveillance is an extremely useful investigative tool – after an incident has occurred. Unfortunately, by then, school property may have already been damaged, valuable supplies and equipment stolen, or a student or teacher victimised.

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A glimpse into the future at Security 2017

Aug 25, 2017

This year’s Security Exhibition & Conference, which ran from July 26 – 28 2017 at the ICC Darling Harbour, Sydney, will likely stand out as showcasing the convergence Information Technology and Physical Security, which appears to now be complete.

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Hikvision recorder transports Cologne based museum from analogue into the HD future

Aug 24, 2017

Hikvision, leading global supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, supplied digital video monitoring technology solutions to the Museum for East Asian Art in Cologne – entering the facility into the age of HD-TVI.

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Securing an airport’s perimeter. It’s more than you think

Aug 21, 2017

Following the Axis Communications article from last week on perimeter breaches at international airports, we continue with considerations that should be made to secure your airport’s defences.

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