24-26 Jul 2019
ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour

Industry News

Press Release: Sydney to Showcase the Latest Security Solutions Reshaping the Industry

Jun 25, 2019 Uncategorised

The latest in security innovation and education is about to hit Sydney with the Security Exhibition & Conference, the largest commercial event for the security industry in Australia, returning to the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Darling Harbour from 24-26 July 2019.

Cybercrime story: attention all segments

Jun 24, 2019 Industry News

Deep Dive 4: Cybercrime presents one of the highest risks across all security markets, but especially to financial institutions.

A question of facial recognition

Jun 21, 2019 Industry News

The ethics surrounding the capture and use of facial recognition technology are complex. Who makes the rules that govern biometric technology?

Event management: prevention is better than chaos

Jun 20, 2019 Industry News

Deep Dive 3: Risks in the event management market are broad. Current threats range from food poisoning, theft, crowd control, violence, fire, terrorist attacks and data breaches – to name just a few.

Devil in the retail: spotlight on shrinkage

Jun 12, 2019 Industry News

Deep Dive 2: Shrinkage is staggeringly high in Australia’s retail market…

3 home automation trends opening the door to the security market

Jun 12, 2019 Industry News

No longer the stuff of science fiction and fantasy, home automation is now very much a reality…

Banking and finance: robberies down, fraud up

Jun 5, 2019 Industry News

Deep Dive 1: The risk profile of banks has changed over the past two decades…

Alert not alarmed: challenges and trends in the security sector

Jun 5, 2019 Industry News

Digital technologies are bringing transformative change to the security sector. We explore some of the key trends and challenges the industry faces this year. By Dominic Bayley.

How will Australian smart cities defend against hackers?

May 5, 2019 Industry News

Australian metropolises being wired up as ‘smart cities’ face an emerging security threat. While many of these technologically advanced metro areas will benefit from improved surveillance and physical protection, they could also be a lure for hackers.

AI and video analytics: How data becomes intelligent

Apr 3, 2019 Tech Trends

Video analytics have huge implications for consumer behaviour, security, and privacy. Depending on its application, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in video analytics has a litany of outcomes—whether its creating bespoke Netflix series, tracking criminals or understanding movement in public spaces.

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