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Amazon’s new smart camera system allows couriers to drop deliveries

Nov 14, 2017

Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer company, recently announced the arrival of their latest smart product, the ‘Amazon Key’. The Amazon Key is a security camera paired with a smart lock system that enables customers to unlock their homes remotely for couriers to deliver goods inside.

Online shopping has proved to be a convenient, efficient and flexible way for consumers who are busy to still access the shops. Open 24/7 online shopping platforms cater to all audiences with a vast range of products, at the touch of a button.

The Key allows Amazon to engage with shoppers who encounter difficulties retrieving their purchases made online including those concerned with packages being stolen or damaged during the delivery process. For the system to work, customers must install a ‘Cloud Camera’ into their home and attach a compatible smart lock to their front door.

After Amazon authorises a delivery, it can turn on the Cloud Camera and unlock the shopper’s door to let the courier drop a package off inside. The Cloud camera will stream a live video and record the delivery allowing users to view the process at a later time.

At any time, the system permits couriers to ‘unlock’ the door through the mobile app. If no one answers the door after knocking, Amazon will scan its system instantly to ensure the package is matched to the correct address and allow the courier to enter.

Consumers of the Amazon Key can stream the in-home delivery feed via the mobile app. The courier will be unable to proceed to the next job until the current address is securely locked.

Are we compromising security for convenience with smart camera systems?

Questions surrounding the safety and privacy of this product arise as concerns of product failure and trust emerge for consumers. The thought of a stranger entering one’s home can be quite daunting and may leave many consumers feeling uncomfortable with the entire process. However, Amazon assures that if technical glitches occur, support is available through customer services. Amazon will ensure that all problems are resolved as soon as they arise to affirm consumers’ confidence in the product.

This new consumer product reflects the growing market for home security devices to be smart, simple and adaptable whilst still be capable of protecting of a home. Amazon Key is currently only available to Amazon Prime members in specific cities in the US with plans to launch their new service internationally in the future.

Story credit: ASIAL

Source: https://www.asial.com.au/blog/amazons-new-smart-camera-system-allows-couriers-to-drop-deliveries-off 

This article was originally published by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL), Lead Industry Partner for the Security Exhibition & Conference.

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