17-19 Aug 2022
ICC, Sydney

Strategy & Insight

Batteries: The Elephant in the Room on Non-Wired Digital Access Control Networks

As the need for electronic access control is increasing in the world of security, a topic that is becoming more obvious when evaluating wireless access control locks, either as the main product of use or when integrated into a hard-wired security ecosystem, is the one of batteries. “How long do the batteries last? How is […]

Why a Hybrid Deployment Model that Includes the Cloud Enhances your Physical Security

The best way to move to the cloud, writes Genetec’s Country Manager A/NZ George Moawad, is to let go of the division between cloud and on-premises physical security systems and embrace a hybrid deployment model. There’s no question that last year’s pandemic lockdown accelerated the need for remote capabilities within organisations of all size and the […]

The Rise of Control Rooms

Chadstone shopping centre provides Melbourne shoppers with a safe and frictionless shopping experience.

The Future of Airport Security in a Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented changes to air travel. The closure of international and domestic borders here in Australia led to travel restrictions that have affected our freedom of movement like never before. Quick to adapt, Australian airports stepped up with a raft of measures to meet the health and security challenges posed by this new normal.

The New Avigilon H5 PRO Camera Line: AI-enabled High-Resolution Camera for Maximum Coverage.

Industry insight brought to you by Avigilon – a Motorola Solutions Company.

5G: faster connectivity with a need for a new cyber duty of care

Greater connectivity brings greater risk and a need for an organisational culture to consider cybersecurity as an essential corporate responsibility.

COVID-19 and the Acceleration of a Zero Trust Strategy

The global pandemic has caused many changes, among them an accelerated need for a zero trust strategy. Dr Michael Axelsen shares his insight into whether zero trust models are the answer to network security in the new normal.

The Future of Asset Management: Digital and Keyless Security

Australian businesses lose $4.3 billion of assets per year – could a simple solution be the key to securing against future loss?

Join Motorola Solutions APAC Video Security & Analytics Virtual Experience – Asia Pacific

Join the Motorola Solutions Video Security & Analytics Virtual Experience to gain an exclusive first look at the upcoming technologies, including a preview of the latest Avigilon H5 platform video security cameras, along with an in-depth demo of the COVID-19 Response solutions.

The Return to Work

Depending on your location, you may have just returned to working in person, or you might be looking forward to the light at the end of a working from home tunnel. As organisations plan and enact their return to the office in 2021, what can employees and employers expect from a logistical and security perspective?

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