Tech Trends

2019’s top trends in biometric security technology

Feb 14, 2019 Tech Trends

Rapid innovation in biometric technology means trends are changing fast, making the authentication process more secure and convenient than ever.

Top five security trends disrupting the industry in 2019

Jan 15, 2019 Tech Trends

2018 was a huge year for technology, particularly within artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. In 2019, we can expect to see more implementations of smart video analytics and biometric solutions.

Transformational Artificial Intelligence for the Security Industry

Oct 1, 2018 Tech Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming every industry it touches, from healthcare, to transportation to agriculture. So, it should come as no surprise that the security industry is starting to be transformed through AI as well.

The Role Of Bluetooth In Mobile Access Control

Sep 21, 2018 Tech Trends

Using smartphones in access control systems is the new buzz in discussing readers and credentials. Electronic access control manufacturers are promoting the various ways that mobile technology, soft or virtual credentials can be used to replace cards. It is not surprising that all are trying to get on board.

Voice-operated alarm systems the way of the future

Sep 6, 2018 Tech Trends

The Intruder Alarms and Monitoring Services Database 2018 study provides a comprehensive assessment of the intruder alarm and monitoring market, including a discussion of significant trends over the next five years.

Tomorrow’s Top Five Security Trends

Aug 21, 2018 Tech Trends

Technology is the driving force behind the megatrends impacting the physical security landscape this year. And while it comes with challenges, it also opens up opportunities for security providers to introduce ground-breaking product offerings for both consumer and business markets.

Technology Advancements Re-Shaping Security

Aug 14, 2018 Tech Trends

Facility safety and security are light years beyond the days of having several guards and an alarm system, and navigating a complex array of the technologies available.

‘Smart solutions’ the key to security innovations

Jul 26, 2018 Tech Trends

With an over-riding theme of “Securing Innovation”, exhibition floor discussions on day two of the Security Exhibition & Conference were focused on the rapid rise of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), and how security solutions are adapting technology to meet the enormous potential for ‘smart solutions’.

The Refinement Of Smart Homes: Opportunities For Installers And Locksmiths

Jul 11, 2018 Tech Trends

The rapid growth of the home automation market represents an ideal opportunity for locksmiths and alarm installers to not only revisit existing customers with exciting new products, but also to upsell future clients, thereby value-adding future sales and increasing potential sales.

Artificial intelligence a real game-changer for the security space

May 21, 2018 Industry News

Just a few years ago, artificial intelligence was the domain of science fiction. But today it is a reality that some experts are predicting will have a greater impact on our lives than the industrial revolution.

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