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Security Skills

The Changing Landscape of Cyber Security

Aug 10, 2020 Security Skills

According to a report by La Trobe University, digital technologies will account for up to seven percent of Australia’s GDP in 2020. As a result, Cyber Security has emerged as a vital, rapidly growing field of employment with the number of available Cyber Security positions outpacing the number of qualified applicants at an unprecedented rate.

Successful Integration: What Does It Take?

Jul 10, 2020 Security Skills

As the Managing Director of one of Australia’s most successful security system integration companies, Darren Taylor, like many in the industry, has seen a great deal of change over the last few decades. Founded by his father back in 1979, PMT has grown from a small domestic alarm installation business into a national company with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Security Professionals: Engaging the Board

Jun 13, 2020 Security Skills

In a changing environment with ever-evolving threats, security professionals continually find themselves needing to convince the board of the importance of security. Is the real issue that the board doesn’t understand, or is it that security professionals do not understand the role of the board?

Verbal De-escalation: A Security Officer’s Guide to Managing Conflict During COVID-19

Apr 2, 2020 Security Skills

With the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the world is changing rapidly. Those changes have given rise to uncertainty and lead to a great deal of civil unrest. The 24/7 media cycle, mass loss of employment and general fears for one’s own safety and wellbeing, are driving normally reasonable people to behave in ways that few would have predicted.

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