17-19 Aug 2022
ICC, Sydney

Product Highlights

Meet the Smallest Avigilon Camera for the Most Challenging Spaces

The Avigilon H5A Modular camera is designed for areas with limited space or require a discreet and unobtrusive monitoring solution, such as ATMs, police interview rooms, retail checkout counters, building entrances or casino gaming tables. The camera’s flexible imager modules can easily be positioned in different orientations to help capture the most optimal view of […]

It’s Time to Reimagine What Integrated Technology Can Do for Your Energy Facility

Modern energy facilities are dynamic environments and whilst it’s critical to plan things down to the finest detail they are exposed to the unexpected. From security breaches to escalating customer interactions and field worker injuries, how quickly your teams are alerted and can action a response determines the severity of impact it will have. On […]

Boon Edam delivers entrance security solution for Dexus Gateway building

Gateway is Australia’s first office tower to use fully integrated touchless fingerprint scanning to allow authorised office workers and guests into the building. The building’s new entrance involves a complex integration of security and technology experts, including Boon Edam, Schindler Lifts, Honeywell and IDEMIA. The solution had to work seamlessly to enhance the user experience […]

Protect Your People, Property & Assets: Avigilon Smart Security Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is often considered the backbone of a nation’s economy, security and health. Failure of even a single site has the potential to trigger a domino effect that could significantly impact public health and safety, national security, the economy and public confidence. Video, access control and critical communications solutions are crucial to ensure the […]

Listen up: The business potential of network audio

For partners, network audio provides the potential for business growth with existing and new customers. For end users, audio enhances video surveillance systems in effectively deterring criminals whether intent of theft or vandalism. Adding audio to video surveillance works for a range of end users regardless of their size and sector, as it can be […]

Keeping Sights on Security: 3 Ways Smart Lockers Keep Firearms Secured

When managing and maintaining firearms as public safety, law enforcement or security director, accountability is a top priority. On a day-to-day basis, a business should be able to answer questions such as: “Who was the last person to check out this firearm? When and where was it used, and for how long? Is this firearm […]

Protect Your People, Property & Assets: Avigilon Smart Security Solutions for Mining

The mining industry contributes greatly to worldwide economy. Natural resources being extracted at mines not only have monetary value, but may also be critical components of medical, military, and industrial processes and there is a need to protect them from theft or terrorism. Securing equipment and ensuring employee safety are also important concerns. Avigilon end-to-end […]

Remote Operations with Security Risk Manager (SRM)

The pandemic has highlighted not just the importance of remote security operations, but also the key pitfalls of pen and paper and wand-based methods. Security Risk Manager (SRM) provides a robust solution for remote operations with a suite of products that cover most physical security requirements. Real-time visibility with SRM-Portal SRM-Portal is a web and […]

Security solutions for every business

With an Axis end-to-end surveillance solution, you can rest easy. Regardless of your business needs, you’re well-protected against intruders, break-ins, vandalism, and anything else coming at you. Plus your life as a business owner becomes easier in several smart ways. “End-to-end” means you buy a complete security system tailored to your specific needs from Axis. […]

External Intrusion Senor

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