Product Highlights

Panasonic Australia releases 4 x 4K and FHD Multi-Sensor video surveillance camera range

With the announcement of the i-PRO® Extreme 4x4K Multi-Sensor Camera, Panasonic is pushing the limits of technology in video surveillance to enhance security and safety.

Tackling a ‘key’ concern

The world’s largest capacity free standing key control system, gives you full control over who has access to your keys or assets

Strong and versatile – Securemax 358 mesh

Securemax is a unique Australian made high security fence system providing an anti-climb, anti-penetrative barrier that is second-to-none.

Smart cities – FLIR TruWITNESS

Nov 21, 2018 Industry News

An industry-first wearable sensor platform designed for city-level security and public safety operations, from FLIR – TruWITNESS

Facial recognition driving hands-free access control

Sydney-based start-up Noahface’s proprietary Facial Recognition (FR) technology which debuted at this year’s Security Exhibition & Conference in Melbourne allows any iOS device to act as an access control solution via digitally-connected doors.

Say “hello Nimbo”!

A new force in security will soon be patrolling some of Australia’s most popular places with the first automated robot security guard landing on our shores.

Boon Edam’s Customisable Speedlane Slide

The harmony between graceful design and vital security features is a delicate balance that architects, engineers and facility managers are acutely aware of.

Smart security all about innovation

Home security is changing significantly – it’s no longer just about sturdy fences or secure gates but about being as smart – or smarter – than the criminals plotting to enter homes.

The latest in electromechanical locking solutions

To make sure your doors close firmly, open easily even with unexpected pressure loads and have a minimal noise impact, look at specifying the cobalt side load locks, writes Angus Richardson.

Timeless style for digital doorkeeper

As businesses face increased numbers of threats to their their premises one product is ensuring maximum security, reducing workloads and doing it all with a level of styling rarely seen in intercom technology.

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