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Boon Edam to throw entrance security a Lifeline

May 2, 2017

Boon Edam, global leaders in entrance security systems, will exhibit its latest Speedlane Lifeline Series of entrance security gates for the first time in Sydney at the 2017 Security Exhibition this July.

The Lifeline Series – one of Boon Edam’s extensive range of entrance security technologies – is being introduced to major public and private security applications in Australia and worldwide, including in legislatures, treasuries, diplomatic posts and mobility hotspots such as entrances to high rise HQs.

Designed to the highest standards of quality, aesthetics, and ergonomics, the Lifeline Series is an intuitive, refined and secure entry management system for guiding and managing people flow through to secure areas of buildings.

The Lifeline Series interacts with those who approach it, guiding the flow of high visitor levels and acting as a boundary between public and private worlds.

“Lifeline is unique to the industry in that it has approach sensors, which allow the unit to sleep until someone comes within range of the sensor. For buildings with sustainability objectives, or those who are interested in saving power, this adds a huge advantage,” says Boon Edam Australia National Sales Manager, Mr. Alastair Russell, who has over 30 years’ experience in entrance security and its associated technologies.

Boon Edam’s Australian office is serving the growing security needs – including OEM equipment service – of facility managers, security officers and consultants, architects, specifiers and property owners here.

“The Lifeline Series is one of Boon Edam’s most versatile and useful ranges for entrance security, because it can be used in so many different scenarios, from allowing smooth and guided disability access through to multi-tiered security buildings, where high volumes of people need to be guided simultaneously to different areas,” said Mr Russell.

Other major advantages of the Lifeline Series include its intuitive symbols, ergonomic design, premium quality materials and customisation to fit a diversity of interior designs.

“We’ve found that technological advances often aren’t met with equal advances in style. Boon Edam understands that entrance security systems like Lifeline are often the first interactions visitors have with a building, so it’s not only important that they’re functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the surrounding architecture,” said Mr. Russell.

The Lifeline Series contains three models – Slide, Swing, and Open – which can be further customised with dimensional and glass choices as well as a range of currently trending colour finishes. Every combination is possible for all levels of security.

For more information on the Lifeline Series, please visit www.boonedam.com.au/lifeline or come and see it demonstrated at Stand E46 of the 2017 Security Exhibition at ICC Sydney Darling Harbour, 26-28 July.

About the author: Boon Edam

Operating in 27 countries, and with a tradition of quality and service extending over 140 years, Royal Boon Edam is a global supplier to some of the world’s biggest companies and multinational groups, as well as public and private agencies

Royal Boon Edam was awarded its Royal appellation from the Dutch Royal House as one of the select businesses that is continually held in high esteem and have shown themselves to be exceptionally faithful to proper ethics in doing business. They must also have a strong balance sheet and be financially stable over a long period of time.

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