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City Surveillance for a Safer City

Mar 27, 2014

City surveillance for a safer city happens to be one of the toughest assignments there is. And the task basically boils down to one question: “Do you know what’s going on in your city – right now?”

From traffic problems to trafficking problems, from personal safety to property safety, from crime deterrence to crowd control, cities pose huge challenges, and the starting point for meeting these challenges is to know what’s going on – right now, at any and every moment.

A good surveillance solution places a powerful tool in your hands. The Axis mission is based not only on outstanding video surveillance cameras, but on integrating them into a smart system. The very presence of such a system is known to have a deterring effect on crime, for example, but the strength of that deterrence is ultimately based on your system’s ability to actually detect what’s going on. And not until you detect a crime or other problem but you get the information you need to make intelligent decisions to take appropriate action, for example to investigate and intervene or take other appropriate action.

Axis solutions enable full integration of your surveillance cameras, not only giving you a clear overview, but allowing you to follow events that may move from one part of your city
to another, with great accuracy and high resolution, even under difficult lighting conditions. And because Axis works with open systems, you can normally integrate your existing cameras into the city surveillance solution.

In other words, you can really get your act together, covering parks, public buildings and squares, as well as streets and intersections, using both fixed and deployable cameras, and covering it all from a single control room. With this information, your law enforcement and other teams can respond quickly, precisely where needed.

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