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Intelligent Solutions in the Fight Against COVID-19

Apr 3, 2020

Dahua - Thermal Human Temperature Measurement

Efficient, Visible & Real-time Technology

With the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), various technologies to detect fever and protect spreading of infection continue to develop. As the world leading video-Centric Smart IOT solution & service provider, Dahua smart Fever Screening Thermal Solution has been on the front line since the beginning, helping epidemic prevention all over the world.

Dahua Technology has now launched their latest thermal camera. Compared with traditional ways of temperature measurement, Dahua Thermal Solutions can significantly improve efficiency and accuracy, and at the same time, help reduce cross-infection via non-contact measurement. It’s many unique values include:

  • +- 0.3℃ High accuracy with blackbody, enables early detection of febrile persons
  • AI technology ensures real time image capture and temperature monitoring
  • POE camera and major accessories included in the kit, for ease of setup
  • Flexible choices to connect to a PC, Laptop, or a Dahua NVR to manage multiple cameras in one system
  • Ability to capture up to 15 people at once without mismatch or delay
  • Zero-touch, with wide coverage and multi people detection – record from a distance and monitor remotely

The solution is and has been widely applied and proved in transportation hubs, commercial complexes, banks, schools and more across the globe.

Examples include: Ezeiza Airport, Hangzhou East Railway Station, Lebanese Ministry of Health, Fudan University, Harrow International School Bangkok, Siam Commercial Bank headquarters, Uherske Hradiste Hospital, etc and has won numerous appreciations from institutions and governments.

Find more information on the product here. Dahua Solutions is RCM certified and hold stock locally in Australia. Technicians from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth branches can provide on-site training and installation. Contact [email protected] to find local dealers and more information. To further support the community in our time of need, Dahua Australia has made the decision to donate $100 to Meals on Wheels from each kit sold.


This post is sponsored by and thanks to Dahua Security.

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