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New Wisenet WAVE Video Management System by EOS Australia

Jul 15, 2019

Affordable, easy to use and lightweight VMS for all applications.

EOS Australia in association with Hanwha Techwin is launching the all-new Wisenet WAVE, which is designed to provide a simple, reliable, lightweight and scalable VMS ideal for retail, commercial, schools and offices. WAVE is highly customisable and can be used on any device and on any platform, including Mac OS.

WAVE supports WISENET’s edge based advanced analytics such as intelligent video analytics (appear, disappear, loitering), and sound classification (explosion, glass breakage, gunshot and scream detection). In an education establishment, analytics can help remove the burden from security personnel and mitigate human errors.

Security and administrative staff can receive real-time notifications on their computers or on their phones when an incident happens without having to monitor the system 24/7 physically. WAVE can also receive analytical events created by Hanwha Wisenet X series cameras and have them automatically routed to police stations and first responders. It can also send alerts/text messages to administrators and security personnel to inform them of an incident.

An intuitive ‘drag & drop’ interface makes it effortless for operators to set up a display of live and recorded images on a single screen or video wall, with customisable layouts and sizes. With WAVE’s zoom window, security personnel, and administrators can quickly view close up detail of any activity. The Wisenet WAVE mobile app enables security personnel and emergency responders to view, search, and control IP cameras to quickly respond to any incident from a smart device, using Wi-Fi or data networks.

WAVE’s Smart Motion Search feature allows police, security and administrative staff to examine archived video streams from connected IP cameras that had motion detection enabled. Operators can highlight single or multiple search areas in the viewing cell in order to rapidly look for motion detected in that area. Indexing is extremely fast –one year of archived video with its matching motion detection index can be searched in approximately 5 seconds.

Two-way audio also enables operators to receive and transmit audio through an IP camera. For any cameras which support this feature, operators see a microphone button that allows them to click and speak.

Exceptionally lightweight and requires very little computing power, WAVE can be installed within minutes and does not require a system with high specifications. To ensure reliability, multi-server redundant fail-over is built into the software and requires no additional fail-over licenses. System administrators can merge multiple WAVE systems together. Merging allows users to expand an existing system, and a single system can have an unlimited number of servers.

WAVE supports all major operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Linux Ubuntu for server application; Microsoft Windows, Linux Ubuntu, and Apple Mac OS for the client application; and Apple iOS and Google Android for the mobile application and web clients.

For more info, visit: https://www.eos.com.au/security-wholesaler/cctv/vms-video-management/software-ip-video-surveillance/wisenet-wave-vms-made-for-you.html


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