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PSIM in Action – Enhancing Safety and Security in a large Metropolis

Mar 27, 2014

Verint_PSIM_in_actionThe City: A large metropolitan area in EMEA.

Objective: To protect citizens of the city from crime and terrorism and the adverse effects of natural disasters.

Strategic Challenge
The municipality sought a single system to be used by dozens of operators
in various departments for monitoring events in the city, receiving alerts on potential threats and suspicious activities, and rapidly implementing appropriate action. Each zone in the city had already been equipped with numerous
sensors, systems, and devices that provided valuable security information, which generated such an immense volume of information for operators and other control room personnel that it became difficult to control, manage, and maximize all of these safety and security devices. As a result, the municipality required a platform for integrating the information from more than 10,000 end points, including IP cameras, license plate recognition solutions, facial detection solutions, and alarms to drive actionable intelligence.

The Solution
An advanced, multi-site incident management system was deployed, with
more than 30 PSIM C4I (command, control, communications, computer and intelligence center) stations. The system integrates all of the city’s key safety and security functionalities — alert management, video management and surveillance, reporting and information distribution — in a single unified platform that contains 3D virtual reality for optimal situational awareness and decision support.
Deployed in a hierarchical configuration, the system allows the distribution and balancing of event management between the city’s various zones and agencies. A powerful rules-based engine creates an intelligent, geographically based operating picture, which is shared among all control rooms and facilitates the management of multiple events of the city. Procedures and policies are centrally managed
and shared among all users to support fast and effective reactions to complex situations. Suspicious people and vehicles can be located and tracked. The solution is used for managing both routine operations and emergency situations.

The project scope includes:

  • Integration to more than 5,000 video security cameras (1,000 of them are with video analytics)
  • Integration to more than 200 LPR (automatic license-plate recognition cameras)
  • Ability to locate and identify suspects and vehicles
  • Powerful rules-based engine, agile data management, fusion, and required actions
  • Full GIS integration with a 3D virtual view of the city
  • “Mark” – a unique ability to mark an object in the video screen and receive its location on the 3D virtual view for better and quicker
situational awareness.
  • Advanced simulation and training tools
  • A consolidated reporting system

The Bottom Line
The PSIM solution allows this municipality to comprehend complex events and effectively process enormous volumes of data from multiple sources and different agencies. The solution has significantly enhanced situational awareness and positioned this municipality to act more quickly and decisively to protect people and property.

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