21-23 Aug 2024
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Remote Operations with Security Risk Manager (SRM)

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The pandemic has highlighted not just the importance of remote security operations, but also the key pitfalls of pen and paper and wand-based methods. Security Risk Manager (SRM) provides a robust solution for remote operations with a suite of products that cover most physical security requirements.

Real-time visibility with SRM-Portal

SRM-Portal is a web and mobile application that acts as a control room, providing 24/7 visibility of security guard operations. It offers a centralised view of operations, from patrol routes, assignments to asset and visitor management. With real-time guard tracking, you can rest assured that your team is not just following security protocols, but also safe.

Capability enhancement with SRM-Sentry

SRM-Sentry is a mobile application that provides a clear line of communication between operations managers and guards. Guards can provide regular status updates of patrol, track visitors, and signal for assistance. The app works on a wide range of smartphone models and even functions in low bandwidth environments.

On time and on task with SRM-Responder

With SRM-Responder, you cut response time to a minimum by providing a way for emergency responders to accept and fulfil assistance requests via the app. If an incident escalates beyond your team’s capabilities, SRM-Responder works as an emergency beacon that seeks assistance from nearby responders. Responders’ locations can also be tracked via GPS remotely to ensure their safety.

Emergency support with SRM-Customer

SRM-Customer is a mobile application that provides customers with real-time security updates and the ability to signal for emergency response. They will receive regional updates of what’s happening in the area to make timely calls based on up-to-date information. In emergencies, SRM-Customer can be used to signal for assistance. Nearby responders will be provided with the customer’s location to render support.

Product Specifications:

  • Easily schedule recurring patrols and monitor progress
  • Assign tasks to patrol checkpoints for guards to carry out
  • Monitor real-time guard locations based on GPS
  • Notifications for emergencies to allow for rapid response
  • Streamline check-in process for visitors and maintain visibility of number of visitors at all time
  • Real-time Incident Reporting
  • Maintain status and easily assign security equipment to guards
  • Report generation via a click of a button

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