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How simPRO Became My Passport to Freedom

May 23, 2014

Paul Christie has realised the full potential of cloud based software. Below he tells how simPRO has enabled both business success and the freedom to travel.


When I first started my business, I was tied to my desk with endless piles of paperwork and time sheets. I needed to look for a simpler solution. I heard about simPRO and got hold of it straight away. In no time at all I was managing the entire workflow of my business on an iPad from wherever I wanted to be.

All of our workers go to each job with an iPad and are able to access everything they need. The software ensures no leads are lost, job progression is monitored and each job is invoiced on time. It’s really flexible. I’ll take it home, the kids will go to bed and I’ll do an hour of simPRO.

The constant pressures and expense of living all make people believe they need to be at work longer. What they don’t realise is that there are other options. The whole key is letting go of the old way. You can work anywhere, anytime if you understand the cloud. For example, I’ve always taken 2 to 3 months of leave a year. Family time is important. Last year, I said, ‘Let’s go; let’s do America’. I’ve always been into RVs and buses and last year we decided to do it for three months. After three months, I thought, why can’t we do it for nine? And that’s what we did. We did 27 states. When you’ve got good internet, you can work as well; it’s great.

People always say, ‘You can’t leave your business’. Well you can, you just need a happy medium. You need to think, ‘Right, I’ve put the processes in place, the software is doing its thing, my business manager is taking care of everything, and now I can step back’. When people used to ask me how I was going with the program at the beginning I’d tell them it was difficult. But if they look at me now they’d know it was the best thing I ever did. People need to be open to change and newer options.

Paul Christie – Owner, Casalite Electrics


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