21-23 Aug 2024
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5 Smart Security Solutions in the Fight Against COVID-19

As restrictions ease at varying rates across the country, workplaces that are re-opening have an increased responsibility to ensure that the health and safety of staff and customers remains a top priority in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

We’re seeing many businesses and building facilities turning to the benefits of AI powered technologies for automating and monitoring the detection of critical social and safety protocol breaches. The AI security market is set to become a $24 billion USD market by 2025.

Managing practices like social distancing requirements, face mask detection, contact tracing and thermal screening are just some of the solutions that provide an increased and automated ability to mitigate risk in the workplace. Innovations that leverage technology like Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon AI-powered video analytics, provide smart security solutions that trigger such alerts, improving workplace safety and protocol.

So, what are some of the smartest security solutions on the market supporting the implementation of key measures?

1. Social Distancing

Maintaining social distance in public has been noted as one of the most crucial elements in reducing the spread of COVID-19, but determining the exact distance between occupants at any workplace or venue can be resource consuming and challenging by eye. Smart security technology with built in analytics and software enables business owners and facility managers alike to automatically monitor the proximity between two or more individuals – detecting when violations happen and how long they have occurred. Analytics within Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software provides reports on high-density areas such as small shops and train stations to help study traffic patterns, density, identify hotspots and understand peak periods when violations occur.

2. Occupancy Counting

With limitations on mass gatherings in public spaces likely to be in place for the foreseeable future, business owners will continue to be required to manage the number of people permitted in their facility at any given time. Where staff resources may now be more limited than before, end users are turning to technology to help manage risk. A smart solution known as an occupancy count, which is seen within the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7, provides organisations with an easy solution that not only has cloud-based analytics, but also runs live reports on mobile tablets to instruct customers on when to enter or queue – allowing for staff to be allocated to providing vital customer service instead of just head counting.

3. Contact Tracing

Contact tracing practices in sites such as cafes and restaurants where people tend to sit for longer periods of time, is a necessity of re-opening – essential for capturing details to protect staff and other occupants from possible outbreaks. To prevent any human error in the collection of data, identification software is a reliable tool to help contact trace throughout a facility. The new Identity Correlation Report within Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) solution provides a report on the date and time of when a door was accessed by an employee and the time difference between when someone else might have accessed the same door. Unified with video security, this system can validate report details with video evidence. Another feature, Identity Search, can be expanded with Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology to understand other areas of the facility where the person may have visited – providing a detailed report on all possible contact points should an outbreak arise.

4. Face Mask Detection

While in Australia it is recommended, for some cities and countries across the globe, wearing a face mask in public is now mandatory law in order to prevent community transmission amongst employees and customers. Monitoring and detecting whether people are wearing face masks enables a proactive, real-time response to mitigating risk and can reinforce face mask policies if and where necessary. Complete with the option of using alarms to proactively flag any violations, the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 is equipped with the technology that automatically detects if someone is not wearing a mask in an environment where it is required. It also can run real-time reports to help understand adherence levels across an organization and identify where corrective action or further education may be required.

5. Security-Grade Thermal Temperature Sensing Cameras

Temperature checking has become a common practice in a range of retail, workplace and public spaces. Security-grade thermal temperature sensing cameras can potentially provide high-throughput screening for persons with elevated skin temperatures as a precursor to additional screening. This product is not yet available in the Asia-pacific region, but Motorola Solutions is currently investigating potential solutions.

While it seems that the fight against COVID-19 might be slowing, the second wave currently occurring in Victoria demonstrates how necessary these smart security solutions are in the fight against infection. Mitigating the spread through the power of video and AI-analytics, as an assistive technology to human decision making, is a smart security solution that aids in avoiding complacency or human error and will certainly be beneficial across many different industries for years to come. Learn more by visiting the COVID-19 Resource page on Avigilon’s website or request a demo to speak with a local Avigilon representative today.

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