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Airport Security – Applying the lessons learnt to other industry sectors

May 12, 2017

Airports are one of if not the most complex of integrated security environments that security professionals have to operate in today’s challenging security industry. Securing a huge amount of passengers and freight that transits through them each year, not to mention the thousands of support personnel and retail staff, is no easy task. Yet an efficient, safe, and secure aviation system is integral to our social and economic well-being.

Security outcomes for airports are mandated by national agreements with the International Civil Aviation Authority, but the method of achieving those outcomes is left to the contracted countries and individual airport authorities. The serious nature of the threats that airports face, regardless of their size, means that airport operators must ensure that there is no weak link in their security chain. Any failure can have significant consequences. As a result, security arrangements in place at most airports is extensive and comprehensive. In Australia, the approach is based on the principle of ‘security in depth’, meaning the more layers of security, the less chance an attack will occur or be successful.

This layered approach to security is just one element of the airport security model is one that provides many lessons for other sectors in the threats they face. Drawing on his extensive experience working in the airport security environment, Kerran Campbell is talking at this year’s ASIAL Conference.

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About the author: Kerran Campbell

Kerran Campbell was Managing Director for 15 years, and then Chairman for 5 years of CCD Australia. CCD Australia was a multi-disciplinary consulting practice with offices based in Perth, Melbourne, Jakarta, Dubai and Singapore. CCD Australia merged with SKM in November 2004, and Kerran was then a Principal of SKM and Global Technical Director Security for SKM until his retirement in late 2006.

In late 2005 Kerran was elected as Adjunct Assoc Prof at ECU. In December 2006 he took the post as Associate Professor of Security Science at ECU, working part time in this role, as well he commenced his own practice of Campbell & Campbell specialising in high-level security consulting. In June 2006 he resigned from ECU WA, (for personal reasons) and again was appointed Adjunct Assoc Prof and commenced with ECU Dubai lecturing in Aviation Security. Since forming Campbell & Campbell, Kerran has formed CCD-Alliance, to enable participation in major projects, where he is joined by other security practitioners who collectively have over 118 years of direct hands-on security consulting and relevant security experience.

Kerran has professional qualifications as an electrical and building services engineer and qualifications in security. He has received international recognition for his work in the area of professional security. He has carried out commissions with the public and private sectors in all states of Australia and numerous countries overseas, including New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, India, Sri Lanka, China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the UAE.

Kerran commenced in the engineering profession in 1964, after some ten years in government and private industry he joined what was C.C.Chase and Associates in 1974, as the chief electrical engineer. He was made an associate of that practice in 1975, and became a foundation director of Chase Campbell and Drew in 1977. Chase Campbell and Drew became Connell Campbell & Drew and then CCD Australia.

Kerran was elected a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers in 1981, and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building Services in 1982. Kerran is recognised as one of, if not the most experienced professional security consultants in the Indian Pacific Regions, with over 40 years experiences. Indeed since 1976, he has practiced in the field of professional security consulting specialising in custodial institutions consulting, aviation security and facility counter-terrorism design and since that time has been continuously involved in high-security projects, many significant in global terms throughout Australasia and the African Continent and the Arabian Peninsula. He has been responsible for the security design of some of the most significant projects in the region.

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