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Biometrics, A.I. and Robotics forecast as the next big thing

Aug 14, 2018

The 2018 Security Exhibition & Conference has wrapped up, once again presenting innovations, education, cutting-edge technology and countless opportunities to network to over 5,000 industry professionals.

Security 2018 welcomed several pioneering start-ups, including HelloNimbo, a clever and compact patrolling robot; NoahFace, a Sydney newcomer which introduced its first wave of facial recognition technology; and Image Intelligence, a high accuracy facial recognition tool used for a wide range of security applications.

The large amount of visitor interest in these devices accurately reflects the industry’s progression towards artificial intelligence (A.I.), robotics and biometrics, and a more collaborative approach to security between humans and technology.

Damien White, Director of Business Technology at Dahua, believes the industry is progressing towards a future with greater integration of A.I. technology.

“We’re seeing cameras [and] recorders that can identify colours of vehicles, and tell the difference between a vehicle, animal or person. It makes the security device a lot more intelligent and able to pre-empt security or health and safety concerns.”

Several products at the show, such as Deep Recognition’s BriefCam, showcased surveillance cameras incorporating A.I. to isolate key frames from a video recording, and categorise and compile them within seconds. Such devices significantly aid businesses to quickly and accurately identify threats or persons of interest without having to manually comb through hours of footage.

Drone technology has moved forward significantly over the last 24 months, and with the development of high-powered UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), loaded with crisp image quality and industrial-strength capabilities, they could become a standard security measure in the near future. Drones provide an extra level of situational awareness not only needed in crowded spaces, but in high altitudes where real-time visibility and aerial data need to be accessed instantly to detect potential risks.

“I think drones give another aspect to security where you can see above the crowd, you can see situations where humans may not be able to travel quite quickly, and it gives mobility and automation,” said SOAPDrones CEO Matthew Attenburg.

As the security industry continues to advance at a rapid pace, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to keep on top of the latest technology trends to stay relevant and competitive.

Denis Dempsey, Account Manager from EOS, commented that staying up to date with the rapidly changing security landscape is critical to a business’s success. “The internet of things is definitely the way of the future. You see more and more products come along to the market these days and I think if people don’t get involved…they’re going to be left behind.”

To see more from this year’s show, check out the Security 2018 Highlights Gallery.

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