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Delivering a safe and secure games

May 25, 2017

The Gold Coast 2018 Organising Committee will deliver an athlete-focused Games providing long lasting benefits for the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and the Commonwealth.  Safety and Security are critical to this event.

Security at major events relies heavily on multi-level, local, state and federal government relationships as well as public and private partnerships.  Cohesive planning and delivery in this unique and multifaceted environment will depend on real integration between partners. The theme that joins all the partners in this endeavour is risk.

A critical phase of government agency integration is the early agreement to roles and responsibilities and the agreement on risk ownership. The process follows defined stages and culminates in venue operational plans.

A critical phase of public and private partnerships involves a detailed scope of works and an understanding of the capabilities of private safety and security industry.

Danny Baade, Head of Security for the 2018 Commonwealth Games Committee appears at the ASIAL Security Conference to discuss the risk and opportunities that relate to safety and security at mega events such as the Commonwealth Games.

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About the author: Danny Baade

Danny joined the Queensland Police in September 1985 and commenced work in General Duties (Uniform) at Surfers Paradise Station in the Gold Coast District. He has worked in a wide range of policing functions including:

• In 1990, Special Projects Section, responsible for the implementation of the Fitzgerald reforms,
• In 1994, Southport Police Station, Shift Sargent and Officer in Charge,
• In 2003, District Inspector, Gold Coast District of five police divisions, the Gold Coast Traffic Branch, The Gold Coast Accident Investigation Squad, the Gold Coast Scenes of Crime and the Gold Coast Training and Education Section,
• Operations Commander for numerous major events including, the Gold Coast 600 (INDY), Schoolies, New Year’s Eve, Gold Coast Show, Gold Coast Marathon and the annual Gold Coast Motor Bike Show,
• In 2006, Superintendent, Program Director for the Westgate Project, a $750M capital works program.
• In 2010, Superintendent, Manager Disaster and Major Event Branch for the state of Queensland for approximately 498 major and significant events, including the planning for G20 and Deputy Coordinator for the State Disaster Coordination Centre for 2011, 2012 and 2013 disaster-related events.

Danny has experienced a wide range of policing challenges and undertaken roles within the Queensland Police Service that were quite unique. After retiring from the Queensland Police Service, Danny identified another unique opportunity, the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018), and in August 2013 was appointed the Head of Security for the Commonwealth Games.

Danny is responsible for the planning and delivery of safety and security for GC2018 which involves a complex inter-agency collaboration of local, state, national and international partners. This collaboration depends on the level of interaction sought by the respective Games Organising Committee and the responsible law enforcement agency. However, it is also a commitment to and demonstration of ‘due diligence’.

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