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Boon Edam’s Customisable Speedlane Slide

The harmony between graceful design and vital security features is a delicate balance that architects, engineers and facility managers are acutely aware of.

What’s next in security – latest product launches to feature at the Security Exhibition & Conference

Jul 23, 2018 Event News

The 2018 Security Exhibition & Conference will open this Wednesday at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. At a point in time when security technology and methodology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, the southern hemisphere’s largest security event stands as the crucible for cutting-edge solutions and the latest technology.

Leadership in crisis management and corporate risk avoidance – an interview with Caroline Sapriel

Discussion with Caroline Sapriel, founder and Managing Partner of CS&A, who is a keynote speaker at the 2018 ASIAL Security Conference.

Smart buildings and vulnerability – finding the weak spots

Smart buildings are rapidly becoming a widely-recognised phenomenon, talked about in the media and high on the agenda of progressive companies on both the supply and demand side.

Smart security all about innovation

Home security is changing significantly – it’s no longer just about sturdy fences or secure gates but about being as smart – or smarter – than the criminals plotting to enter homes.

The Refinement Of Smart Homes: Opportunities For Installers And Locksmiths

Jul 11, 2018 Tech Trends

The rapid growth of the home automation market represents an ideal opportunity for locksmiths and alarm installers to not only revisit existing customers with exciting new products, but also to upsell future clients, thereby value-adding future sales and increasing potential sales.

The latest in electromechanical locking solutions

To make sure your doors close firmly, open easily even with unexpected pressure loads and have a minimal noise impact, look at specifying the cobalt side load locks, writes Angus Richardson.

Timeless style for digital doorkeeper

As businesses face increased numbers of threats to their their premises one product is ensuring maximum security, reducing workloads and doing it all with a level of styling rarely seen in intercom technology.

Powerful in-store reporting delivering critical data

With a combination of business intelligence reporting, network cameras optimized for retail environments, audio systems and integration possibilities with leading retail technology, you can stay ahead of competition and enhance your customer service.

Heat is turned up on Security

Criminal activities and breaches to perimeter security have become even more sophisticated in recent years – and it’s not just big businesses that need to be concerned.

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