21-23 Jul 2021

Industry News

Person of Interest: Scott O’Driscoll

National Security Manager, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Cyber Threat: Bolstering Organisational Resilience

In this data-driven age, where big data and IoT technology dominate, cybersecurity remains a top priority for organisations. The cyber threat landscape is continuously evolving, fueled by an underground economy where organised crime syndicates can sell access to organisational data on the dark web.

Contactless, Quick, Dependable: The Power of Face Recognition

Aug 12, 2020 Tech Trends

Then came a virus…and now the world is looking for new methods to stay safe, healthy and protect against viral infections. How can we continue to authenticate people without touching devices, reopen travel with contactless processes, or detect people not wearing a mask in crowded spaces?

A Bollard Could Save A Life

Car crashes into cafe, before hitting taxi in Eastwood, Sydney’s north-west. Fatal car crashes are on the rise with 1,146 fatal deaths on Australia’s roads in 2019, and headlines like the above have become all too common in the news cycle.

Selectlok Digital’s iLOQ – A Battery-Free Digital Locking Solution

Product Feature brought to you by Selectlok Digital.

The Changing Landscape of Cyber Security

Aug 10, 2020 Security Skills

According to a report by La Trobe University, digital technologies will account for up to seven percent of Australia’s GDP in 2020. As a result, Cyber Security has emerged as a vital, rapidly growing field of employment with the number of available Cyber Security positions outpacing the number of qualified applicants at an unprecedented rate.

Advanced Malware Protection for Meraki MX

Product Feature brought to you by Meraki.

Suprema FaceStation 2

Product Feature brought to you by Suprema.

Be Part of An Industry Transformed

Jul 22, 2020 Event News

Our sister exhibition, Integrate, invites security professionals to explore ‘An Industry Transformed’ through their Virtual Speaker Series this August 19 – 21 – discussing the future of AV in our changing world.

Securing the Future of Sports and Entertainment

As COVID-19 restrictions ease in many areas around the country, the possibility of attending a sports game or live concert is becoming a reality. Traditionally seeing large numbers of patrons gathering in close proximity, such events have of course been identified as posing a risk of virus transmission.

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