17-19 Aug 2022
ICC, Sydney

Industry News

Boon Edam delivers entrance security solution for Dexus Gateway building

Gateway is Australia’s first office tower to use fully integrated touchless fingerprint scanning to allow authorised office workers and guests into the building. The building’s new entrance involves a complex integration of security and technology experts, including Boon Edam, Schindler Lifts, Honeywell and IDEMIA. The solution had to work seamlessly to enhance the user experience […]

Batteries: The Elephant in the Room on Non-Wired Digital Access Control Networks

As the need for electronic access control is increasing in the world of security, a topic that is becoming more obvious when evaluating wireless access control locks, either as the main product of use or when integrated into a hard-wired security ecosystem, is the one of batteries. “How long do the batteries last? How is […]

Protect Your People, Property & Assets: Avigilon Smart Security Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is often considered the backbone of a nation’s economy, security and health. Failure of even a single site has the potential to trigger a domino effect that could significantly impact public health and safety, national security, the economy and public confidence. Video, access control and critical communications solutions are crucial to ensure the […]

Person of Interest: David Cameron

Ancient Chinese sage Confucius is often quoted as saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life”. For most people, the challenge in this statement rests in identifying what it is that they love enough to want to do it every day of their lives. For David Cameron, […]

Security to transition to virtual event in 2021

Sep 7, 2021 Event News

Security aims to bring together Australia’s entire Security community, connecting exhibitors and visitors from across Australia. Given the current challenges in bringing this community together physically in 2021 and with the situation in Sydney showing no signs of improvement, the team have made the difficult decision to transition the event completely online from 17-18 November, […]

Why a Hybrid Deployment Model that Includes the Cloud Enhances your Physical Security

The best way to move to the cloud, writes Genetec’s Country Manager A/NZ George Moawad, is to let go of the division between cloud and on-premises physical security systems and embrace a hybrid deployment model. There’s no question that last year’s pandemic lockdown accelerated the need for remote capabilities within organisations of all size and the […]

Listen up: The business potential of network audio

For partners, network audio provides the potential for business growth with existing and new customers. For end users, audio enhances video surveillance systems in effectively deterring criminals whether intent of theft or vandalism. Adding audio to video surveillance works for a range of end users regardless of their size and sector, as it can be […]

Person of Interest: Angelo Krismanic

According to a recent report by the Australian Council of Applied Psychology (ACAP), Australian workers who are willing to update their qualifications and switch careers will have, on average, between five and seven career changes throughout their working life. This is demonstrated repeatedly by the number of people who, having left high school, study a […]

Keeping Sights on Security: 3 Ways Smart Lockers Keep Firearms Secured

When managing and maintaining firearms as public safety, law enforcement or security director, accountability is a top priority. On a day-to-day basis, a business should be able to answer questions such as: “Who was the last person to check out this firearm? When and where was it used, and for how long? Is this firearm […]

Protect Your People, Property & Assets: Avigilon Smart Security Solutions for Mining

The mining industry contributes greatly to worldwide economy. Natural resources being extracted at mines not only have monetary value, but may also be critical components of medical, military, and industrial processes and there is a need to protect them from theft or terrorism. Securing equipment and ensuring employee safety are also important concerns. Avigilon end-to-end […]

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