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Advanced Malware Protection for Meraki MX

Aug 7, 2020

Product Feature brought to you by Meraki.

CISCO Advanced Malware Protection is the industry’s leading malware protection solution that addresses the full lifecycle of advanced malware threats. With a database of over 500 million known files and over 1.5 million new incoming file samples every day. AMP provides not only global threat protection but also extensive visibility during and after a malware attack.

Features Include;

  • Global threat intelligence
  • Advanced sandboxing
  • Antivirus engine
  • Point-in-time malware detection and blocking
  • Continuous analysis and retrospective security
  • Gain unmatched global threat intelligence to strengthen front-line defences
  • Get deeper origin visibility
  • Rapidly detect, respond to, and remediate malware
  • Prevent costly reinfection and remediation scenarios

Find out more about this software here.

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