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‘All In One’ Video Surveillance

Sep 9, 2020

Product Feature brought to you by Panasonic.

Panasonic has announced a commercial partnership with Lenovo that will see the introduction of an ‘all in one’ network video recorder to simplify security setups and reduce costs for customers.

This Australian-led collaboration in the security category delivers a full-service package – connecting Panasonic’s market-leading software and security camera range with a pre-programmed, out-of-the-box recording solution built by Panasonic and housed in Lenovo hardware.

The Panasonic i-PRO VIX solution integrates Lenovo hardware to deliver a tower-based video network recorder ideal for most small to mid-market surveillance installations. The preloaded activated and tested system offers the connection of up to 16 Panasonic i-PRO cameras (VIX16) or up to 32 Panasonic i-Pro cameras (VIX32).

Both the VIX16 and VIX32 Panasonic i-PRO VIX solutions also come pre-loaded with the new Video Insight Express software, allowing a quick start to recording and viewing of cameras straight out of the box. Video Insight Express software removes the need for expensive additional camera licenses, ongoing Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs) or version upgrades for customers.

“The streamlined VIX16 and VIX32 offering provides a significantly lower total cost of ownership to our customers, saving on both set up and ongoing software maintenance or upgrade costs. The ease of set up means our customers can focus on the more important parts of their business while knowing that they have an industry-leading and reliable security system in place,” said Clare Goldstein, Product Marketing Manager, Security Solutions, Panasonic System Solutions Oceania (PSSOC).

“This innovative collaboration in the security category allows us to bring a full-service package to our customers, leveraging world-class capabilities delivered by both companies to provide an incredible offering to the market. Powered by Lenovo OEM, this partnership helps deliver on Lenovo’s mission, Smarter Technology For All, and for that, we’re proud,” said Shara Gerhardt, Business Development Manager, OEM, Lenovo ANZ.

PSSOC’s new partnership with Lenovo signals a greater shift by the business arm to provide fit for purpose, combined-company solutions to the Australian market. A new ‘Connected Technologies’ mantra is putting solutions, not products, first; bringing technological requirements to the forefront of packaged solutions and calling on trusted partners to bridge the gaps between existing Panasonic business products and customer needs.

“Collaborating with our Professional Solutions and Services Group, we discovered a need for a customised and pre-staged end-to-end security system that united industry-leading hardware and software, to remove the traditional piecemeal technical challenges our customers face when establishing their own security systems,” said David James, Group Manager, Security Systems, PSSOC.

“Smarter technology can solve problems, create opportunities and transform the way we all live and work. We’re proud to partner with like-minded companies, such as Panasonic, to deliver an innovative security solution for businesses that puts them first, so they can focus on the tasks at hand,” said Matt Codrington, Managing Director, Lenovo ANZ.

The partnership also guarantees purchasers of Panasonic i-PRO VIX16 and VIX32 solutions with world-class, Australian-based support from Panasonic and a Premier Lenovo 3-year warranty.

Key product capabilities

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Camera Licenses included in Panasonic i-PRO cameras
  • Enterprise VMS features
  • Supports server-side and camera side motion detection
  • Unlimited software upgrades and no SMA costs
  • Easy deployment
  • Wide range of cameras supported
  • Competitive upgrade program to full-enterprise system
  • 264 and H.265 supported
  • No additional client costs (VI Monitor-Plus)

Click HERE for more information on the Panasonic i-PRO VIX16 and VIX32 solutions.

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