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Boon Edam make an entrance Down Under

Jun 15, 2017

Boom Edam – which equips dozens of Fortune 500 companies over 27 countries – is introducing its most advanced high-security access solution to the Australasian market, the Tourlock 180+90 revolving door system.

The latest version of Tourlock 180+90 revolving door system is designed for mobility hotspots such as the entrance to company HQs and diplomatic and government agencies, as well as high-traffic tourist, transport, retail, logistics, and healthcare facilities.

Boom Edam Australia Managing Director Mike Fisher says the introduction of the advanced technology responds to expanded awareness throughout Australasia of physical threats to people, property and data facilities, including warnings from police and Government to maintain higher levels of awareness and security planning than in the past.

“This latest Tourlock 180+90 system is a 24/7 solution offering high volume capabilities (20 people each way per door a minute) proven by some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies. It is a superbly flexible, non-intrusive way to control physical access and prevent problems arising from unauthorised access to sensitive facilities and areas. It is also an outstandingly cost-effective and reliable way to overcome the problems that are inherent in expensive manned security systems,” he said.

In addition to the latest BoomConnect software to configure the system to individual users’ needs, the system can be specified to include StereoVision time of flight* camera systems which create extremely accurate 3D images of the person in the door to determine whether they are alone. StereoVision is even capable of discerning between a person and a briefcase or bag.

*Such systems generate three-dimensional images of environments by shining lasers on objects within an environment and analyzing the reflected light. The name “time of flight” is used because the camera measures the difference between the time that individual particles are reflected back to the camera and use this data to construct a full 3D picture of an object using computer software. Because TOF cameras can generate up to 100 images each second, they are also able to track the movement of three-dimensional objects through space with extreme accuracy.  

“Boon Edam leads the market in unmanned tailgating and piggybacking prevention with the Tourlock 180+90 Security Revolving Door because of its high bi-directional throughput, safe operation and ROI in as early as six months, compared with manned security systems. Regardless of the security settings users choose, proper authorisation will be required to pass through the Tourlock 180+90.

When combined with an external card reader or biometric device of user choice, the Tourlock 180+90 provides a secured access point and does so at a substantially lower cost than traditional manned stations, which introduce issues such as personal bias, low attention span, and absenteeism, says Mr Fisher, who heads the Australasian Boom Edam operation set up in response to expanding security awareness down under and demand for quality architectural revolving door solutions already proven in 27 countries.

Story credit: Boon Edam

About the author: Boon Edam

Operating in 27 countries, and with a tradition of quality and service extending over 140 years, Royal Boon Edam is a global supplier to some of the world’s biggest companies and multinational groups, as well as public and private agencies

Royal Boon Edam was awarded its Royal appellation from the Dutch Royal House as one of the select businesses that is continually held in high esteem and have shown themselves to be exceptionally faithful to proper ethics in doing business. They must also have a strong balance sheet and be financially stable over a long period of time.

Boon Edam focuses on door systems, security access, and advanced door care. The company manufactures revolving doors, security doors, security portals, speed gates, tripod turnstiles, access gates, and full height turnstiles.

Boon Edam’s permanent Australasian team is this year relocating to an expanded national headquarters with greater design and maintenance resources and expertise, directly linked with Boon Edam operations globally, including those handling major projects in Asia, America, Africa and Europe.


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