21-23 Aug 2024
ICC, Sydney


An independent patrol, self-charging, video monitoring, face recognition, emergency call, media broadcast, remote control, audio-video dialogue and intelligent robot.

Southern Cross Group’s Bunda Security Robot eliminates the need for personnel to be out on the ground, putting resources to better and safer use.

Specifications include:

  • 1.37m tall
  • Able to reach speeds of 14 km/hr
  • 360 degree vision equipped with 4 cameras: 3 surveillance and 1 facial recognition.
  • Captured video is monitored live through Southern Cross Groups’s control room and should anything unusual be flagged, it will notify the control room immediately

Bunda can either build patrol maps via laser radar or alternatively can follow any set route specified for it. Programmed to avoid any obstacles that it may come in front of, Bunda is trained to go ahead and charge itself at its designated charging station when low on battery. It can activate alarms in the case of an emergency and issue deterrents through its flashing lights and broadcasting announcements as well as providing a channel for urgent communication back to the control room if required.

While undoubtedly robots can never replace human guards, they help compensate for a lot of the shortcomings a human guard may have, including protecting the wellbeing of the human guards – in dangerous situations, there’s no longer a need to send a guard to address the situation. Or stepping up when other guards suddenly need to step down.

Find out more information about the product here.


Southern Cross Group is an exhibitor of the Security Exhibition & Conference and one of Australia’s leading integrated service solutions providers. They offer Security services, Security and Risk Mitigation Consulting, CCTV, Alarm Services & Access Control, Technology Solutions, Event Management Security, Traffic Control, Concierge, Cleaning, Ground Maintenance, Hard Services, etc.

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