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Deep learning and the future of AI

May 7, 2018

Drawing inspiration from the intricacies of the human brain, the AI algorithms that make up Hikvision’s ‘Deep Learning’ solution are constantly growing and evolving – continually enhancing accuracy via multi-layer learning data collection and analysis.

The technology has already made major improvements to security and human behaviour in the retail, building and smart city industries.

What are the benefits?

Deep Learning has a multiple of applications in the security industry and beyond. From facial, vehicle and human recognition capabilities, to people counting and crowd-flow analysis, Deep Learning’s AI continues to advance as its knowledge evolves. Here are some of the products developed by Deep Learning:

  • Facial recognition

When a person of interest enters a venue, facial recognition technology instantly recalls their face and initiates access control, personalised services and more. Financial institutions, casinos and critical government infrastructure sites – along with public spaces like airports and stadiums – rely on this technology to keep people and assets safe.

  • People counting

People counting serves a critical function in crowd-centric security scenarios. This feature records the number of people who pass through a venue’s entryways and monitors crowd density to prevent accidents. Loitering detection allows spaces to keep visitor traffic flowing and alarm triggering prevents injuries. The technology also creates automated reports to analyse customer activity and build revenue.

  • Smart Surveillance with Edge Computing

Hikvision’s DeepinView series cameras and DeepinMind series Network Video Recorders harness intelligence-based functions – including false alarm filtering, facial detection and vehicle recognition – then perform data processing and analytics at the ‘edge’ of the network, nearest to the data source. ‘Edge computing’ relieves pressure on the datacentre by moving large volumes of processing to edge nodes, improving agility, real-time responsiveness and system stability.

HikVision will be showcasing their range of products, including their DeepinView series cameras and DeepinMind series Network Video Recorders, at the Security Exhibition & Conference, 25-27 July 2018 on stand D20. If you are interested in placing your products in front of over 5,500 security professionals, contact the Security Exhibition & Conference Sales team today.

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