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Drones ensuring public safety

May 28, 2018

UAV (Unmanned Aviation Vehicle), more commonly known as drones, once only found in military applications and war films, are now widely used in our daily life. What distinguishes a Dahua drone from other civilian UAVs is that the mission Dahua drone born is: to guarantee safety from above.

There are in fact two levels of drones, consumer-level and industry-level. Dahua Drones belong to the latter, which are built for serious public security mission, such as power tower inspection, forest fire detection, public event management, security supervision over long bridges, detection aid for police forces, inspection of high speed traffic and other illegal incidents. It means that a very different set of functions are required for an industry-level drones, including

  • the high level of stability,
  • intelligent control,
  • adaptability to different applications and environment,
  • long distance mapping abilities,
  • carrying capacity,
  • Long battery life.

Dahua drones can perfectly achieve it.

Current industry-level drones can transmit images even up to 10 km, and with access to multi-VMS platforms, they can stream real-time audio or video data to the control center, thus providing information for police or security companies to solve the problem on site. For example, directing crowds for evacuation via the correct route or sending out a medical team to the location where it is needed.There is a case blow for your information.

Via the thermal camera it carries, Dahua Drones can detect suspicious hot spots which invisible to naked eyes. When there is a fire, Dahua Drones can fly to the site against high temperatures and strong winds, transmitting relevant data to ground teams, so that they can make the right move using this information. Once the fire has been extinguished, Dahua Drone’s can prevent a second fire with the overhead inspection functionality. In this sense, Dahua Drone is one of the best aids to help fire fighters.

In conclusion, Dahua Drones can play a key role in various public security scenarios. Dahua has caught the latest technology trend and adapted to enable a Safer Society and Smarter Living. This is the future that Dahua Drones are helping us towards.

Story Credit: Dahua Technology

Dahua will be showcasing their range of products, including Dahua Drones, at the Security Exhibition & Conference, 25-27 July 2018 on stand H28 and H20. If you are interested in placing your products in front of over 5,500 security professionals, contact the Security Exhibition & Conference Sales team today.

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